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  1. So unfortunately I discovered that the sprites I made in Photoshop are blurred, which resulted into certain colors of the sprite having darker and lighter versions, taking up all the color slots of the character's palette. Now I'm restricted into using the same colors whenever I want to add an object separate to the character in his sprite, except if I make the object a separate sprite. Any tips on how do I avoid blurred sprites?
  2. Hey guys! I'm new here. I'm very interested in making my own content for mugen. Right now, I'm still working on my first mugen character Lex from the Bookworm Adventures game. It's my favorite word game and I thought why not make the protagonist a mugen fighter? I hope this community will help me with making my creations. :)
  3. Sorry for being a noob here, but does anyone know how to tag the tekken characters during battle? Some say it's a+y, but it doesn't work for me. Also is there a way to remove the tag system from them so that they will fight along with my character at the same time in simultaneous mode?
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