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  1. Darn :/ I've been looking for a silver the hedgehog character for awhile, but all there seems to be are these small ones. does anyone know if there's a silver character in a similar style as MugenHunter?
  2. Darn, none of the links work :/ ive been looking for a game with a big roster for awhile now
  3. well, allow me to explain. I have no experience with things like this. I don't know how to make decent sprites, im not sure how to make a character period, but im very interested and I'd love to make a friend or two that'd help me learn this stuff ^_^ so please consider, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. So, um hello... my name is Riku, and I've been using mugen for a good 4 or 5 years now. I recently got a new found interest in mugen and I'd really like to meet more people in the community, as well as hopefully pick up a few tricks along the way! I hope to have lots of fun with this in the near future ^_^
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