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  1. The way they're doing things now, it looks like Trump Tower is gonna be a serious thing. If this really is nothing more than an April Fools' joke, then it's a really elaborate one. EDIT: Seems like the Guild really underwent a total buyout and rebranding. Does this make FFA the Mexico of MUGEN? Perhaps not. Maybe time will tell.
  2. That just might equal that one news article of a bloke named Bud Weisser sneaking into a Budweiser brewery. And also, the Guild turned into Trump Tower while I was away. Riveting.
  3. So I've been looking for some of 41's characters (e.g. Ryougi, CvS D4 Rock Howard) but can't get them since he (they?) closed their website and OneDrive. If anyone could point me to the right direction, that'd be great. And also, I'd like to confirm if 41 really made a Seth character (from UNIB if I remember correctly.)
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