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just tested both flutter and not sure what style your trying to put them in...but for them to throw out a level 3 hyper with very little damage doesn't seem that good of an idea.

As far as im aware these are just about the same as Moku's but you seemed to have removed their magic bars...well dash has hers gone and flutter still has it, Im unable to summon the weasel, porcupine and hawk and the bear is badly glitched, you should give it a destroyself trigger when it goes off screen and it needs to have it's infinite hit stun removed...unless you intend for the bear to grab opponents...then that's perfectly understandable.

The flight should be something that should only trigger while jumping, it don't really make any sense as to why i can do it from the ground...unless the flight were an attack that triggers the actual flight then i can see this being a safe move. 

Fluttershy's hyper just suddenly stunning you out of the blue don't make much sense...remove the stun and let the stampede occur...buff it's damage some, it's very weak for a lvl 3
Rainbow dash's hyper being a level 3 is fine but you could either buff it some and/or let her do that kick combo before smashing you into the earth, other than that, i hope you make a whole new style for them dude, it'd be cool seeing them do something different.

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