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Adon by Trololo Updated (08/28/2017)

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Really a HUGE update compared to the old version.


From Version History.txt

-More hitboxes are readjusted.
-Now you can't combo from Close HP, Close HK, Crouching HP and Crouching MK.
-Added Close HP (Inspired by Descolor's Adon), comboable.
-Readjusted Far MK. Now it's easier to hit with and like his Far HK on right distance it can give two hits.
-Changed dodge's kick.
-Fixed mess with sprites, codes and animations. Hello by Me from the Past. XD
-Added missing intro/winposes.
-Changed intro VS. Muai Thai fighters.
-Added winquotes against my Joe and Charlie (in SFV mode).
-FINALLY got some attention on Alpha Counters. Now P is for Thousand Jaguar and K is for readjusted Rising Jaguar.
-Jaguar Kick is NOT overhead anymore.
-Jaguar Kicks got new, photoshop drawn SSF4-like effects.
-Readjusted EX Jaguar Kicks.
-Readjusted Airbourne Jaguar Kick's movement.
-Rising Jaguars are readjusted.
-Jaguar Tooth is overhead now.
-EX Jaguar Tooth is now one-hit move, but it will push enemy much higher, than before.
-Thousand Jaguar readjusted to be more Chun-LiSH.
-EX Thousand Jaguar got custom animation (inspired by Fido's Adon) and extra juggle points.
-EX Thousand Jaguar can reset juggle points, if combo before it wasn't too long.
-Jaguar Revolver remade. Now it's not so useful, but still...
-Now Jaguar Revolver's range can be adjusted in simular (NOT ANALOGIC) to SSF4 way:
---"LK" or "LK+MK"- Short first leap.
---"MK" or "LK+HK"- Normal first leap.
---"HK" or "MK+HK"- Long forst leap.
-Jaguar Varied Assault readjusted. More juggle.
-J.V.A. got old-new effects. A better effect like from older versions.
-Thousand Jaguar as J.V.A. Ender now throws enemy in the end and resets juggle points, so you could hit falling enemy.
-Jaguar Avalanche totally remade. Added some custom sprites, so now it's technicaly closer to sourse material.

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