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MUGEN Match 2.1




MEGA (12 Parts)



Long time ago, i did this edit of Shiyo Kakuge's MUGEN Match 2 Screenpack.
People around enjoy that a lot and asking me to do a Fullgame version.

And now, the wait is finally over! :D

→ Screenpack (2.1 version) edited, with more slots and improved.
→ Tag System, with 3v3 and 4v4 options (3v3.exe and 4v4.exe)
Just select Team Arcade, them Simul (second option), select your chars and have fun. :)
Same steps for the 3v3 and 4v4.
→ 165 CHARS, from Capcom, SNK, Type-Moon, Dengeki, Marvel, Sega, Square Enix, GAINAX, Visco and some original ones. All compatible with the Tag System, played in CvS/POTS-ish Style.
→ Awesome stages by Shiyo Kakuge, included the stages with water (all chars compatible). And also the great stages inspired for the Shiyo's work, made by AVPBoy6754 and Flowrellik.
→ Sounds from SFA3, Capcom Fighting Evolution, Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2. Each mid-boss, boss and final boss had your own theme.

Hope you all fellas enjoy!! :D

Special Thanks & Credits
Screenpack, Tag System and Stages:
→ Shiyo Kakuge

→ Warusaki3
→ Vyn
→ DivineWolf
→ Quickfist
→ Chazzanova
→ Rajaa
→ Trololo
→ Varo_Hades
→ Zero-Sennin
→ Rei Seiryuu
→ Buckus
→ Infinite
[email protected] Akira
→ Jesuszilla
→ Lord Vader
→ Tiger-Boy
→ Sennou-Room
→ Mr. Ansatsuken
→ Jmorphman
→ Koldskool
→ NDSilva
→ Mr. Karate JKA
→ Froz
→ Izuno
→ Victorys
→ Chuchoryu
→ CrazyKoopa
→ Mwryly
→ H'

→ AVPBoy6754
→ Flowrellik

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Mugen match 2 is something unique and it was something that could not be matched.

Unique gameplay,the original had a special custom system called add006 which was an upgrade of add004 the one you used and whilee it has some upgrades those are more exclusives to 1.1.

The visual awesomness,yes that was something that made it stand out from the rest since it was unique it was on the time that evryone or keeped everything by default or used street fight,mortal kombat,fatal fury screenpacks there wasn't a breath of fresh air like the screenpack made by tatsu.


Hacked limits,as always tatsu made some awesome changes to the engine that improved the gameplay.




real 2.1 well tatsu made another version that got a few upgrades and a new gameplay system addon add008


sadly the add006 and add008 seems being lost.

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