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Jump Ultimate Stars M.U.G.E.N Release by Roken

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Hi guys, Happy new Year!


I was doing a screenpack, but it actually turn into a full game.

I hope the chars roster will grow up in the future, with fantastic chars.


The MUGEN version is 1.1


Here's the video presentation:


Here you can download the Game (*update 05-01-2016 size: 713 Mb):

Here you download only the Screenpack with Seiya and one stage (size: 46 Mb):


Here you download only Seiya made by me with the last update:


Movelist and Credits on Readme, in Char folder.


Many thanks to Mikel for his Great Chars!

Here's Forum link:


Enjoy! :D

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I've updated the game, fixed some bug with a stage and added more character slot, all explained in the select.def file. Added a link to download only the Screenpack. Have fun! :D

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