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  1. We wanted to get some feedback on upcoming characters for this project. Please Vote for it if you could it will really help us out.
  2. I added the new patch to the game in the link above.
  3. The previous update had a major error i forgot to fix pls re-download using new link.
  4. I released an new patch for the game. The update for it is in the first post hope to see you online.
  5. Ok to connect online you need Evolve. Evolve is the software (called a lan bridge) that lets you connect to people online. You can connect to the parties here there is also a video explaining Evolve. To do ranked you have to sign up here by adding the information there. Then can record your set while playing or record it after (I suggest the second one.) then upload it to youtube. Then you add you matches to the leaderboard here. Make sure to include the youtube video in match notes. Also you can only add matches AFTER you get on the signup board. Hope that helps. P.S. You can only play ranked games that are in the balanced full games section here.
  6. How To connect to people in Evolve Parties This Video by TheFclass97 is the best video explaining how to connect to people online with evolve and how to fixes errors you can get with evolve. A party on evolve to connect with IKEMEN full games.,party:bqsueon74xfrxgpB A party on evolve in which you can play your own ikemen or someone 's compilation ikemen.,party:dCyjX92Tj8S2T8HG
  7. Touhou Rp Tourney 1 A Touhou Rp Tourney Will be Held next Sat 1/14/2017 at 9:30 PM you need to join the tourney in the link below, have Touhou RP Ikemen ver 2.1.1, and have a active MFFA account. Thank you and hope to see you there. Touhou RP : Tourney Link : Rules: Winners and Losers Semi Finals and Finals are best 3/5 All other Rounds are 2/3 You are only character locked if you win and Character locks do not continue into your next round. The only exception is Grand Finals reset brackets. You must name on your replay who is P1 and P2 and send your Replay file to me.
  8. Dragon Ball Z : Choujin Classic Ikemen Hey everybody me and TheAnswer have put together a DBZ full game using Choujin's old Dragon Ball Z characters. We have also rebalanced cell to make him more balanced and fit to play in the game. Link to the game ----> Link to the 1.1 Patch ------> Link to the Ikemen Discord ---->
  9. Made a Update awhile ago but forgot to upload it here and just uploaded it now.
  10. I released a 1.2 patch for the game.
  11. Hey guys I have completed the KOF Zillion Ikemen I've been working on other projects and had to put this one on the back burner. I have edited the Screenpack and removed the Alfred command grab infinite from the game as well as many other fixes. I have no affiliation with Mugen China and credit them for making the original game. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy. Link to the game -------> Link to 1.1 Patch -------> Ikemen Discord -------->
  12. I releaded a new patch for the game.
  13. Hey guys I made a I.K.E.M.E.N conversion of the Shades Of Manhattan 2 M.U.G.E.N game. I hope to see you guys online with this classic M.U.G.E.N game. I credit Seanaltly and everyone who has made the original game and sorry I couldn't make it 100% accurate. I hope for feedback and will update the ikemen soon thank you. Link to the game ----> Version 1.1 Link to patch to 1.3 ----> Looking for matches ----> To Connect to people online ---> Evolve link ---->,party:bqsueon74xfrxgpB
  14. Thank you its cool.
  15. Yamori X's Hayato has his links taken down does anyone have a link to him.