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  1. Arcade Mode code by Lucho from the Ikemen Discord (WIP) ----->
  2. Added a 1.2 patch download if you can
  3. You need to send that compilation to someone else but yes You can use Hamachi or Evolve we mostly use evolve but hamachi is equally as good. Watch this video to learn more if you need to
  4. I ad to reupload the patch due to a glitch sorry please redownload
  5. Vote now before its to late
  6. Updated the game do to lag on a stage sorry
  7. This Weekly Challange is to end the match with a super to earn another win. *If a game has only supers as ex moves that cost a bar the ex move counts *Your win will go up but it will be a win to a ot (So if you lose you dont lose twice just once but they get double the points)
  8. ...Please Redownload the game it has been update with the newest ikemen.
  9. DOWNLOAD Link to game -----> Link to 1.2 patch -----> COMMENT Credit to
  10. So Koishi is still dead even after buffs.
  11. Check out the newest patch for the game in the first post.
  12. This is a ban list for playing ranked. This is mainly for Boss characters or charcters completly broken in a game that will not get another update to fix them due to a stop in development. Not cheap characters like Demon King Piccolo from Choujin Classic with very specific 60-70% and possible TOD combos he is beatable character. Karai is banned because she plays like in source having her easy infinites like J.HP into J.HP. Also J.HK into J.HK is a infinite block string and because Kamekaze made her doesnt plan on editing her to have a playable balanced version anytime soon for all I know. Because she is banned from being played in ranked. Boss characters like her and for example Final from The Black Heart are banned because in players hands they cant loss and are extreamly broken but say Geese and Geonitz from KOFZ are beatable even with TODS or cheap tactics.
  13. New Characters and Games wiill be added to this list when needed T.M.N.T Tournament FIghter
  14. Hello this is an ikemen beta of the unfinshed game Street Fighter Megamix that fido was making for Mugen China. I Credit Fido for the Characters which you can get here. I credit V-nix for making the Mugen Battle Climax because its fx was used for this game you can get it here. And I Credit the many people who made the Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter Alpha stage conversions for mugen because I used thier stages. I got the alpha stages here but I got the others from Mugen Archive. I also credit Capcom for making Street Fighter. Images For the Game Link to the game --- Link to Ikemen Discord --- Feed back IS wanted
  15. I tried out all of these chars and I do not know if something happened to Makoto as she doesn't play like the other mx characters. No groove select, can get 5 Bars of meter, Mvc2 super portraits, no mx side gauge, pots hitsparks I dont know why she should be on the list.