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  1. I come all the way back here because I found out about the 3Vs3 Patch. I am so freakin happy. I also feel really behind considering it came out in November. Oh well!

    1. The Magic Toaster

      The Magic Toaster

      At least now you have a whole bunch of stuff to try out n' shit.

  2. ^THIS NEEDS TO BE AN ANIME. Fuck Ash and his non-evolving Pokemon! >:(
  3. AI - https://skydrive.liv...C7B93AA41C1!103
  4. PowerWave

    Your Banned

    I demand something like this be implemented for all who get banned! Especially since it's a creative way of saying fuck off.
  5. PowerWave

    Your Banned

    Umm.....LOL ...ohh...Imma Casual now :]
  6. weh!! D: me needs that townsville stage..I will pay you in jelly beans..

  7. Does anyone know Ssonic's email? Or a way to contact him? He's the guy that made Powerpuff Buttercup a looooong time ago.

  8. Thanks, but I was already aware of that. I'm mainly looking for the Asteroid Field Stage and I don't think it's on there. I was also curious as to what other creations were on Syn, but it remains dead.
  9. Does anyone know how long ClubSyn has been dead? Or when it will be back online? I've tried emailing 'Certain People' and haven't gotten a response. I really hate being ignored.
  10. I've never done this sort of thing before, and I've never had any Mugen making experience, but I may edit 2 characters. Since I'm probably gonna be super confused, if anyone wouldn't mind me bugging them every know and again for help, please PM me or leave a response. I'm not sure when I'll start this, but I'd like to know if anyone is open to helping or answering questions when this process begins. Thank ya. :)

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    2. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      ALL of your chars?! That makes me want to give it a try. Not to release it, but just for practice...

    3. Ryon


      yeah, dude Kung Fu Man is the base Elecbyte gave us to use for our characters guarenteed 99.9% of characters are made from Kung Fu Man.

      Just keep editing and with out relizing it you can make a full fledged character.

    4. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      I'm going for it. While I work on my next project, I'll experiment with kfm. on the side. Wait, that doesn't sound right...?

  11. A good Super Sonic A good Super Shadow The Rowdyruff Boys Mint Blancmanche Mojo Jojo A good Starfire from the animated series -------------------------------------------------------------------- *On A Side Note* Not really someone that I'd like to see that doesn't exist... I'd like to see someone update KenshinHimura's Blossom D and Bubbles D chars, compared to Buttercup they just feel empty. And their flying modes are quite buggy.
  12. During that episode I was disturbed by it, then later became intrigued. This show along with Bleach will bring more than enough revenue for Toonami.
  13. Current time? So I guess they'll be back on eventually... I just hope it's not too long of a wait.
  14. The links aren't working for me, and I really want these amazing stages!