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  1. Added link download
  2. Thank all of you, I'm doing the list for leaner
  3. thanks I will add the author's name
  4. Note: Some Characters Only Works On Mugen 1.1 If Any Characters, Stages, Screenpack, Full Game ... Please Comment, I Will Give To The List, Thanks :) 1. Charaters - Straw Hat Pirates Luffy: Wenchu / Mikel8888 Zoro: Wenchu / Mikel8888 Sanji: Wenchu / Mikel8888 Nami: Wenchu Usopp: Wenchu Chopper: Wenchu Robin: Wenchu Franky: Wenchu Brook: Wenchu - Straw Hat Pirates Timeskip Luffy TS: Edd13 / Mikel8888 / Wolf Stak / David11 Zoro TS: Edd13 / Daniel's / David11 Sanji TS: Edd13 Nami TS: HKchunko Usopp TS: Edd13 Chopper TS: Edd13 Robin TS: MarShalz Franky TS: Edd13 / David11 Brook TS: Midnight - Marines Akainu: NBA01 Aokiji: NBA01 Kizaru: NBA01 Fujitora: Hermoduro Garp: Wenchu Smoker: Intoxicados / Mikel8888 Magellan: Wenchu Marine Rumble: Wenchu - Shichibukai Mihawk: Wenchu / David11 Boa Hancock: Wenchu / David11 Gecko Moria: Wenchu Kuma: Intoxicados / David11 Jinbe: Wenchu Doflamingo: Wenchu Crocodile: Wenchu Trafalgar Law TS: Hermoduro - Supernova Eustass Kid: Wenchu Trafalgar Law: Wenchu Hawkins: Hermoduro XDrake: Wenchu Apoo: Hermoduro Urouge: IBazZ100 Capone Bege: Rayavenger - Yonko - Whitebeard Pirates - Roger Pirates - East Blue - Baroque Works - Skypiea - CP9 - Thriller Bark - Okama - New Fishman Pirates - Punk Hazard - Dressrosa 2. Stages - Stages One Piece by Wenchu: TeamOnePieceOS - Stages One Piece by Mikel8888: ProyectoMugenFairytail - Stages One Piece by Monkey D. Yomi: ProyectoMugenFairytail - Corrida Colosseum (1.1) by Daniel's: Youtube - Sabaody Archipelago (1.1) by Daniel's: Youtube 3. Full Game - One Piece Colosseum MUGEN 2011: Youtube - One Piece The New Era: Youtube - OnePiece x Naruto Special MUGEN v2: Youtube - One Piece Final Clash MUGEN: Lonick7Mugen - One Piece Pirate Battle MUGEN 2015: Youtube - One Piece M.U.G.E.N Release by Roken: MugenFreeForAll
  5. will be soon, 80%
  6. Thanks, great char
  7. W.I.P, I'm trying to finish the character...
  8. Thank, I'm trying to edit the strength of character to harmonize with the other characters :)
  9. WIP
  10. - Charaters: - Info Game: - 64 Charaters - 31 Stages - All Characters Are Of Good Quality And More Special - Video: - Download: One Piece Kaizoku Battle - BETA 1