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  1. heres noob saibot by Fabry Taz http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=27976
  2. hope they get his noob, it looks pretty good
  3. can someone show me how to map a ps4 controller to ikemen?

  4. does anyone know where i can find a palette for jotaro that resembles his palette in the anime or all star battle?
  5. i cant seem to find any voice files from either mk9 or mkx, any one know where i could find them?
  6. any one know how to fix this? Error message: Can't read file MKII_AI/cvsryo_AI.cmd
    Error loading chars/cvsryo/cvsryo.def
    Error loading p1

    1. Алексей


      Either the file path is wrong (check to see that it exists in that path), or there is an error within the CMD file itself.

    2. Evilest Ryu

      Evilest Ryu

      i fixed it already but thx 

  7. i know the game isnt out yet but did anyone snag his english voice clips during one of the betas?
  8. My request is reu evil ryu with blood red hair and gloves and a darker black for the gi and headband but I really wanted to know if it's possible to make his effects red instead of blue And I have another one for 119-way's evil ryu could u make his hadoukens purple for his default color, his default is the dark gi one
  9. i had this evil ryu before but i cleaned my pc and deleted my mugen stuff and i really liked this evil ryu if anyone has him i would much appreciate it if u could give me a link to him
  10. i get an error message saying Error message: Can't read file m-ism/fdio.cmd Error loading chars/fdio/fdio.def Error loading p2 never mind i fixed it thx for the help :D