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  1. Thanks! PotS' with a color seperation patch by davidmaximus. Here's the link
  2. http://www.mediafire...46ossk3t0b32o4l Just 2 for now. The first one is a reference towards mango sentinel, and the second one is a custom palette.
  3. He's redoing all of his sfa3 stages to fix parallax, deltas, timings, etc.
  4. Hunter x Hunter YuYu Hakusho GinTama Desert Punk Samurai Champloo Fooly Cooly Outlaw Star Tenjou Tenge Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Cowboy Bebop Dragon Ball/Z One Piece [manga] Death Note FMA: Brotherhood Fist of the North Star Durarara Black Lagoon
  5. Loving Skullgirls.

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    2. von_doom20


      Do you have it for xbox or ps3?

    3. ArtistofLegacy


      Laharl, he has a 360 while you have a PS3. You're causing conflict.

    4. Laharl


      oh woops ROFL. my bad yes its ps3. i hate xbox with a passion.

  6. Ken/Hwoarong
  7. Forum: Shizuo GT: OmnipotentDeer Changing it in 2 weeks.
  8. http://caddie.smeene...stagewmdn2.html