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  1. hahahahha thanks you! well, dr bitch is still alive in the webcomic about TUM (but his design is a little different)
  2. Hi People, i want to share with you this personal project it's a mugen based in my wecomic "th ultimate male" this is the download link: for now is only a beta, but i will put more characters and stages in the future 😛 for more new about that this is my facebook page Regards!
  3. thanks you very much! i appreciate that you like it ;) no dude, master electrocaid made this aweoseme stage and share me for the video ;)
  4. thank you very much! sorry for excuse me for the lot of time i take to respond :p kenshiro? cool! i didn't have this in mind but i think that the hyper move is very similar to "atatatatatata" XD
  5. Hi everyone! i'm happy to show you my progress in a new character for "the ultimate male II" (my new full game project) he need a lot of work: - 2do shadows of colors and a lot of codes in special moves - 2nd hyper - taunts and win poses - tag moves - a new voice - big and win portrait when i finish him i share with you ;) thanks you electrocaid for share me this excellent stage ;)
  6. OH MY GOD! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! great job man!
  7. i love this ^, in next combovideos i will use this ;)
  8. thanks man! well, i only use UNO TAG System with little changes :p hahahah no problem ;) really???? yes, tell me more man! i'm working in a simple bg like a training stage but if you like made some bg for this project i would appreciate a lot *.*
  9. hahaha yeah, i have a lot of time now, and begin with another char, all of them use the same character base then after releasing the first following are made faster thanks! TUM1= in spanish TUM is "Torneo Ultimo Macho" but in english is "The Ultimate Male"
  10. thanks a lot master! well, finally Calquin was released!
  11. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! finally i can released this character, thanks to all the people that support this job with messages of good vibes download link:
  12. thanks a lot man! a simple video with new progress
  13. thanks a lot for te support man! i try to released to Calquin before christmas for begin a new char early :p (Nahuel new a update too)