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  1. This character is a ways away from playable. Im still piecing the screen shots together. I still have a LOT of editing on the images to do. Otherwise the whole character wont look/work properly. Like ALL of the head animations have too much of the body around them. I want to reduce the images down so that it's JUST the head; Maybe the neck for certain animations. If anyone knows decent photoshop techniques for removing the exact same pixels easily it'd cut my work down tremendously.
  2. Heh, I do like an "Autobots Roll Out!" Ultra.
  3. So after a year of laptop/pc troubles I've made some recent progress. I've gotten all of his basic parts posting on screen. His head tracks the enemy no matter where they are on screen. I've used "Apocalypse (MVC)" by N64Mario as a base. You might be able to tell by the gradient at the bottom of the screen. The gameplay will be heavily influenced by Apocalypse from XMvsSF. I have a ton of "parts" to use. His right bicep has 50 or so different positions. I have 30 positions for his forearm, and maybe 12 hand types. His Left arm has about 9 things it can do. His main core has about 4 positions. The one you see and about 3 more of him leaning back/standing up straight. I'd love to get help and ideas for moves for him. Right now he has far less options than XMvsSF Apocalypse. I figure the eye beams are a possibility, and the "drill" punch could be specials/ultras. I honestly dont have a clue what he could potentially do. Because he has so many options between his bicep and forearm I think he could have a lot of different "punches". Like a flat palm splat, an upper cut, just basic punching actions. I was thinking maaaybe some other Autobots could show up. Apocalypse has the little floating drones, maybe BOSStimus could too.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ OLD NEWS ^^^^^^^^^ Here is an early beta. I've ripped a lot of the stuff that wasnt working 100% out. http://host-a.net/u/Odb718/Samus718.rar This link ^^^^ will always be the current version of Samus718. If the link above isnt working you can use this link to download. I have a completely different copy of Samus I'm working on. This is just to show how she plays and to get feed back. I'm looking for people to help make pallets.
  5. Symbiote Thanos VIP

    Very cool work. What type of coding help do you need? I'd be willing to help out.