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  1. [PSVita+PS4] Killing Bites fighting game

    Judging from the description, this sounds pretty damn interesting. Like a Bloody Roar game that never was.
  2. Understood. Seems like I did the correct choices then. Indeed. My nitroglycerin should turn up the heat! And just imagine my bladed yoyo being covered in those explosive flames. It's like a spiked boomerang grenade! Since I'm a robot master specialised in warfare, I have access to various military weapons and battle plans! I shall nail down the enemies so they cannot escape the brute force of a giant hammer swing! Cool, who will do that? *facepalm*
  3. We helped with the Tonberries back then, remember? Plus, since robots have good listening mechanics, I was able to hear the names from our new companions from conversations while we were going to Candor. ...yeah, we weren't very talkative back then since we were busy analyzing everything for our databank updates. Since we need to defend interdimensional peace, gather informations about the dimensions and anyone people we encounter is one of our most important goals in our preperations. Plus, it's always nice to make new friends.
  4. Understood. And thank you for the coordinates. They are now saved in our teleport data. *to his team mates* Alright, who here wants to head Verde and help out Seraph and his team? And who here wants to deal with the problems in the slums. *not concentrating on what YokuMan is saying* Oh, hi, Kirimuri! Okay, you go to the slums, TrinitroMan. Wait, what? HAH, you're screwed! YoyoMan, you too go to the slums. OH, COME ON! Since the slums are a rough place, I'll join TrinitroMan and YoyoMan, sir! They absolutely need the military, sir! Slums? Sounds interesting. We wanna go! No, we don't, idiot! Shut up! *hits NailMan with his head hammer* OUCH! Slums? Sounds like the perfect place for me to clean up there. WhirlpoolMan, you defend the Hangout. Aww... Alright, since TrinitroMan, YoyoMan, TankMan, NailMan and HammerMan go to the slums, me, JetMan, CometWoman, GlueMan and RainbowMan go help out Seraph. Everything understood? Understood!
  5. Ah, greetings, Mr. Artwaltz. And nice to hear Agni told you about us already. That means we can immidiately cut to the important talk. Since you are leading the team that talks with the king and queen, any status updates you could possibly give to us? Maybe we could even give help.
  6. Okay, hang on, I think my communicator is catching some kind of signal. Let's hope it's one of our friends. *speaking to the communicator* Hello, YokuMan here, leader of the Unlimited Force. Who am I talking to right now?
  7. Well, that should be easy. Right, Trin? ...well...about that... *facepalm* You idiot! Well, in that case, we will hold off for a while and register later. I hope that will be still possible, right?
  8. After the robots finished registrating, YokuMan did his next move. *starts up communicator* Alright, let's see if I can get a status report from any of our friends... ( @Agni BlackheartYour turn :3)
  9. Alright then. GUYS! And then, all the other members of the Unlimited Force came. Well, what are we waiting for? It's time to registrate, guys!
  10. Because to be fair, I think my friends need more training outside of our cozy home that we call Megatropolis. Our boss is right. We need to gather as much battle information as possible so we can be prepared for any foe who wants to harm the peace between dimensions. I'll go registrated all of you guys. You guys can do...whatever you want in the meantime, but don't cause any ruckus and don't go too far away from the Hangout. Understood, boss!
  11. As the Unlimited Force didn't notice the investigation team leaving and them not being very good diplomats, they stayed with DarkFlare and the Mech Hisuis in Candor. Heya, you must be Darkflare then. I'm Trinitro Man, and me and Lightflare actually know each other. You mean Lightflare kicked your ass. Shush, you. Well, let's say he was a formidable challenger and we decided to ourselves that we should meet again as friends. *refering to the first RPP thread*
  12. @Agni Blackheart: Nice to meet you all. I'm YokuMan, master of illusions, portals and boundaries. I'm TrinitroMan, master of all things explosions! I'm Yoyoman, and am actually dealing with aerodynamics...yeah, I use Yoyos for that, but I don't care! I'm TankMan, robot master designed for warfare. At your service, sir! I'm RainbowMan, master of weather and light manipulation. I'm GlueMan, master in repairs. I'm JetMan, a real ace when it comes to flying! I'm CometWoman, designed for cosmic research and cosmic movement. I'm NailMan, one of the two robots designed for construction site work. I'm the brains, while the other half here, HammerMan, is the brawns. Say hi, HammerMan. Hi, HammerMan. ...not like that! I'm WhirlpoolMan, and I- *interrupts WhirlpoolMan* Alright, so what's next on the agenda?
  13. Yes, robots. Or rather, robot masters, to be more precise, since we all are specialized at specific things. Ey, LightFlare! Long time no see! Yeah, TrinitroMan can be rather trigger happy at times, but at least he does his job well. I can only agree with that. At times, he can be as methodical as me, a robot specifically made for warfare, and he's designed for taking down old buildings instead. Well, I mean, both jobs involve explosions, so... Don't forget that warfare has more layers than just explosions, though. Anyway, we are here because we detected some kind of unknown dark energy here. And who knows, maybe those stabby lizards are somehow connected to that? Basically, we hope you people possibly have more informations.
  14. After a hard battle, the Tonberrys got dispatched off Alright, enemies defeated! Aren't you forgetting something? Oh right, we still gotta introduce ourselves! We are the Unlimited Force, a group of robots dealing with interdimensional problems. An interdimensional police unit, if you will. I'm the leader, YokuMan.
  15. Suddenly a group of futuristic robots teleport into the scene, tasked with two missions, one of them is finding out about the detected dark energy source. Coincidently, they decided to land on the scene where the other heroes are being attacked by Tonberrys. One of them, TrinitroMan teleports right in front of one. *quickly dodges a Tonberry stab* Whoa! *quickly shoots the Tonberry from behind* Pfew, that was a close one... Soon the rest teleports in as well. At least that means we're at the right location. And look, some other guys are trying to fend those lizard creeps as well. We should help them out! Alright, in that case, it's time to rock'n'roll!
  16. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    OOC: I just hope he's still okay.
  17. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    Oh my, looks like our assault is working out! We are not allowed to let our guard down just yet, though. Iblis can still be a threat even this weakened. BTW, weren't we supossed to be more people? Well, we have left Renko and Mari...oh no! We have left Renko and Maribel somewhere. Who knows what could happen to them, and nobody is here to defend them! *sigh* Nice going, gentlemen. And now what? We are not allowed for them to get hurt. Especially not Renko, because if she gets hurt, Maribel gets angry, and we all know what happened last time she became angry. Actually, what did happen back then? ...something that could have easily ended in a massacre.
  18. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    The Unlimited Force, Silver, and the two angels Pit and Dark Pit were also blown back by the shockwave. Guh...such power... I never said it's gonna be easy. Just be glad that this is not his more advanced form! Wait, you're telling me that this thing could be even STRONGER?! What's the matter, scared of lizards? No, I am not! I...I just don't want to get roasted, that's all... Less talking, more attacking. The group then proceeds to continue their assault. TrinitroMan with his nitro-glycerin, the two angels with their own set of weapons, Reisen with her gun finger powers, Silver with his telekinesis, and all the other robot masters also used their own signature attacks to further pressure Iblis.
  19. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    Let me chip in: Psycho Knife! *shoots a sharp wave of ESP energy at Iblis* You know what they say, Kill Fire with Fire. And you know what else they say: The more the merrier! NITRO BLAST! *shoots sprays of nitroglycerin at Iblis* Welp, that seems to work out real well. Yeah, but don't forget. Iblis has quite the stamina. And that's not even its final form. Then I guess we just need to shoot at this thing until it goes down. Hiya! *shoots at red energy gun bullets out of her fingers at Iblis*
  20. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    Wait, that roar. That's gotta be Iblis! *looks into the distance and sees a giant fire monster* ...yup, I think it is. *looks further away* Guys, I think we have a problem: Magio is being attacked, but not by Iblis or any of its creatures. Say what? I thought we only had to deal with that Iblis thing. Me too. However, further analysis proved that Magio is actually fighting the kind of warrior who seeks to fight strong opponents and nothing else. In a sense, he's like Akuma, but with swords. But then we need to go do something quickly! Come on! Determined, the group then rushes to Magio for help...and also to just understand what's going on with that new challenger.
  21. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    Whoa wait, why the girl specifically? I mean, the only half-way unusual thing about her is a giant sword and even that is not that uncommon. Actually... you know something that I don't know? Are you trying to hide information from me?
  22. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    Don't worry, we are fighting on the same side now.
  23. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    PSA: The robots are not actually 8-bit. It's just that I don't have any other art for them except for their bio art, which is super large and thus I want to save for rare occasions. Another PSA: Yay, Darkflare is back. Our old team is starting to reform again. :D
  24. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    After some additional marching around, it's only visible that the heroes get closer and closer, as a couple of Iblis Worms started to emerge from the ground. Now we're talking! *punches a couple of Iblis Worms with ease* Don't get too excited, guys. The closer we get to Iblis, the harder the journey will probably become. Can confirm. If there's anything Iblis is known for, then it's to be "hard to take down". Seriously, everytime I beat him up, he comes back as a stronger form. I thought blowing out the flame of Solaris* would finally remove Iblis from history, but it seems that only caused a time split. Don't worry. If there's one thing we are known for, then it's to solve problems.
  25. The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

    Oh, you don't know Agni. Restarting the story would be the LAST thing he wants to see happening, and the same is true for me. After all, we are the very parents of this thread. Also, I am not 100% sure if he would really not mind. I need confirmation first.