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  1. Does exista any decent portrait pack for all Shadaloo dolls and SF EX chars?
  2. Does exists any decent portrait pack for all shadaloo dolls??
  3. Thanks guys!!!!!!
  4. Hi! Please someone have any info about thes stage on the video bellow? Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks!!!
  6. Hello guys! Does anybody have this stage? All links are offline... Thanks!!!
  7. Thanks!!!!
  8. Link is down...
  9. Thanks!!!
  10. Hi! Please someone could send me a DL link for this stage? Thanks!
  11. Does not work... Could someone provide another link please?
  12. Does not work... Please can someone send me a DL link? Thanks!
  13. It was very old private stage from Phantom G`s
  15. Hi! Here is my christmas gift! Its Classic Billy with XIII custom style. All credits to Koopakoot the creator of this char. Thanks to Chammat for the NEO MAX, run and throw sprites! Thanks man you rock! Thaks to God Aztec for the rolling and XIII stance sprites! Gracias mi amigo! Gameplay features: - XI hitsparks and sounds - 2 DMS, 2 SDMs and 1 HSDM - Dodge and roll. No power charge for now (maybe in the next update) - Super and Dream cancel - Compatible with Add004 lifebars! - Custom moves! - New sprites. Gameplay video DL LINK: Enjoy!