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  1. Blazblue

  2. So these two are Guilty Gear styled, huh? Interesting.
  3. Her Level 2 to be exact. Her Level 1 and 3 work just fine, but no dice when it comes to this one. Maybe it's because this one breaks in MUGEN 1.0? Not sure. Here's how the super is supposed to function (1:06):
  4. Blazblue

    Wait really? That I didn't know.
  5. Snivy's Mugen Video Thread Thing

    I felt like I should start uploading more MUGEN videos now, even though my video skills aren't as great as some of the other cool dudes on this site. Anyways, I'm gonna start off with the most recent video I did. I also don't know how to start thread introductions.
  6. Snivy's Mugen Video Thread Thing

    Remember how Bowser Day happens every August 4th? Cause I sometimes don't.
  7. Snivy's Mugen Video Thread Thing

    Finally did a new video, this time with the classic theme of "Old vs. New"!
  8. So I decided to get Camtasia Studio 9. Is this better than CS 8 in a lot of ways? Probably. I dunno.

  9. Persona 4 Arena

    Panda1 made a Shadow edit of Marie, apparently.
  10. A crossover fighting game where you can play as characters from BlazBlue, Under Night in Birth, Persona 4 Arena AND RWBY?





    1. OxyontheWolf


      and it would've been even better if as soon as the trailer ends the second time....

      think about it, it could be like the franchise's very own Phoenix Wright

  11. So, how long do you think until Wagner, Enkidu and Mika from UNiB end up getting their sprites ripped?

    1. A person

      A person

      A few more months, if not a few more years.

  12. Touhou Project

    Judging from their OneDrive, they also made an Utsuho as well.
  13. IPS (Izanami Protection Squad)

  14. Melty Blood Series

    Back Alley (OMK Style) Released by Duke of Corvus: Sabbath by the same author also got a 1.0 patch.
  15. Is it just me, or that I kinda like the previous version of Studiopolis's music a bit more than the LP version?

  16. Persona 4 Arena

    Son of Aura released Ken and Koromaru. 1.1 only of course.
  17. Under Night In-Birth

    Sektor1 over on MugenGuild is in the process of making Vatista.
  18. Well, it's apparently the 13th where Takehaya is at, but eh. Just like Take's Susanoo, Izanami is Melty Blood styled. Act Cadenza to be specific. Unlike Susanoo however, she only has her Japanese voice from Central Fiction. Topic and download link over on MugenGuild: The reason why I didn't put the download link by itself is because you'll never know when she gets updated.
  19. Izanami got updated again. Download Link: List of changes: -Increased start up on Hour of Nihility to 100 frames as it was meant to be. -Damage dampener no longer resets when not attacking while time is stopped. Instead, it is reset the moment you stop time. -Fixed music playing for an instant during Shield Counter. -Attempted to fix Eternal Darkness position issue. -Added an extra palette seen above. To use it, replace any of the palettes in the Act folder with a file named SanguePhantasma.act. It is taken from a 4chan post, so, I cannot credit anyone for making it. -Few minor changes you will not notice.
  20. Blazblue

    Takemikazuchi got released as a stage. It's 1.1 only though.
  21. Not that I'm complaining at all, but I'm wondering what's with the sudden love and increase of BlazBlue characters in Mugen. What with Deox making Kagura, and Takehaya making several Melty Blood styled BlazBlue characters.

    1. Xiristatos


      I assume that it has something to do with these characters (along with DaNaru250's) being the first genuinely well-made BlazBlue characters for MUGEN. So far, all BlazBlue characters suffered from atleast one of several drawbacks, such as unreasonably gigantic file sizes, slowing down MUGEN due to the heavy amount of sprites, being absolutely shit in gameplay and what have you... they weren't MUGEN characters as much as they were there simply for collection purposes... as burdensome as they were for that purpose already, so people never bothered whatsoever despite BlazBlue being such a beloved franchise.


      And now we have such creators like DaNaru250, Deoxgigas and in particular Takehaya Susanoo completely turning the tables and making BlazBlue characters that integrate wonderfully into the MUGEN engine. They're now genuine MUGEN characters, and naturally people love the shit out of them immediately. Hell, one of the earliest characters to be made so well just so happens to be my top waifu of death, so that's quite something.

    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      I honestly commend all 3 of them for making genuinely great Blazblue characters. Especially Takehaya for Susanoo and Izanami (and what with Terumi, Valkenhayn and Es coming in the future), and Deoxgigas for making a Kagura that's pretty accurate to Central Fiction.

    3. Xiristatos


      And let's not forget DaNaru250 of course, who technically began this trend in a way, with his Jin Kisaragi being the very first BlazBlue character considered... well, playable. He even made Relius Clover, but his file size is about 111MB... which is a bit too damn high for me.

  22. Melty Blood Series

    Ayyy, someone over on MugenGuild made a Melty Blood stage that's like the same style of OMK's stages
  23. You really like Izanami a lot, huh Fael?

    1. Xiristatos


      I mean so do I, but no one notices THAT for some reason, even though I'm the most insufferable thing on this planet.

    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I like Izayoi more, but I'm playing with what's avaliable for the moment.

      But yeah, I like Saya.

  24. Aaaand Terumi's now in development. Oh, and apparently Es is gonna be a future WIP too.

  25. Super Smash Bros. Series

    Is getting offline stuff from Sano always this difficult?