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  1. well, i posted a link in the dbzEB thread
  2. link for Goku by me (updated) added missing SvK features and improved his AI more to come
  3. should I post links here or make a separate thread??
  4. would you like updated versions of characters + extras???
  5. *proceeds to make an actual SSB Goku classic GI*
  6. this is literally my character, he's just using one of the palettes I made (palette 11) there's literally no change or edit in any form (appart from the portrait) lmao
  7. Voicepacks!! awesome!! also, expect updates @Dumanois: pass me your email so that when i update, i can just send you the characters directly
  8. just a heads up links are currently down but will be back up this week, gonna only be releasing exclusively on MUGENFREEFORALL...via youtube lol also thanks OP for re-uploading my characters on a different link
  9. link fixed, read 1st post
  10. my bad, i swear i thought it was up there updating it
  11. 6-BUTTON EDITS of GGXX characters highlight the rest of the link !128&authkey=!AIARVx9huksPNt0 I don't know why the whole thing won't highlight itself
  12. released a bunch more, just click the link in the first post
  13. 6button edits of arc system characters ggx/bb etc...... SOL BADGUYscreenshots here Order-Solscreenshots here Ragna the Bloodedgescreenshots here Ky Kiskescreenshots here Slayerscreenshots here I-No / Boss I-N0screenshots link for released characters