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  1. maurizeurgo

    DC Giganta (Beta) - Please

    Kaze No Ken - Thank you! ADD me in my WhatsApp +55011959110884 (From Brazil)
  2. maurizeurgo

    DC Giganta (Beta) - Please

    Hi everyone, my heroes..! Please, I need The DC Giganta (Better Beta Version) This link from MugenMultiverse is broken. Anyone here have this char or a good link? (Broken Link) Thanks At All
  3. maurizeurgo

    Hanny & Manbou - Please!

    I need this two chars, please. Pet Hanny and Pet Manbou from BIG BANG BEAT! Please, sent a good link for this charas. Thank's At All!
  4. maurizeurgo

    Chun Li Stage China HD! Please!

    Hey - Thank's man! I'm really happy for your help.
  5. Please, anyone here knows about China HD Stages for Chun Li of Street Fighter Turbo 2 HD Remix? "Chun-Li : Peace Road Shopping District" This is the creation of Cyrcox, but the link of Rapidshare is broken. Please, help US! Thank's At All
  6. Hey guys, hello everyone! I need to know about the existence this character! Hyperion from Marvel Comics. This really exists? Thank all!
  7. I need a real and workinh link to this char! Ogre by Maitake released (11/11/2013)
  8. maurizeurgo

    SFIV Guile by Jose Cuervo :D

    I like it...thank's!!!
  9. maurizeurgo

    NYC2100 X DNA OF A MAN

    Good Stage! Congratulations!!!
  10. maurizeurgo

    This Screenpack By Misterr07

    Hey The Shin Hado, you're the man!!! So fast...thank's!!!! 12 points for you!
  11. maurizeurgo

    This Screenpack By Misterr07

    I Need this screenpack by Misterr07!
  12. maurizeurgo

    This Liu Kang

    Thank's For You Ryoucchi!!!!!
  13. maurizeurgo

    This Liu Kang

    I Need for this chars: Liu Kang By Fabry Taz & Co.
  14. maurizeurgo

    This Chun Li