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  1. Yo the assists look great so far! Keep up the amazing effort as always Roy, I'm really looking forward to seeing this character project released.
  2. This character's thread was already posted by the creator. Please check beforehand for duplicates.
  3. Shantae and Patty Wagon have both arrived to MUGEN in full (Switch) Force to bust out superstar memes and rough intergalactic justice. Supreme Thot Obliterator Shantae and Mighty Jam Force are now publicly available to download. Assembled together by TheTrueAnalysis and me. Supreme Thot Obliterator Shantae (MUGEN 1.1) (Shantae: Half Genie Hero) Preview video: https://streamable.com/uat8s Download: [S.T.O.S.] Mighty Jam Force (MUGEN 1.0) (Mighty Switch Force) Preview video: Download: [M.J.F.]
  4. Updated MJF's preview with a more recent highlight video by TheTrueAnalysis.
  5. @RyochiReturns Mighty Jam Force should still be fully functional and usable in MUGEN 1.1 as she is a 1.0 character. You should be able to use them both together in MUGEN 1.1. I hope that you enjoy them.
  6. I actually exchange with GooGoo64氏 through IM quite often, and he's honestly a really sweet, kind-hearted, and genuine person. He just likes to have fun and make comedic characters with the tools he has (which isn't anything powerful), and he enjoys MUGEN and creating content for it out of love, despite what he feels is a "lack of skills" on his part. He knows he can't be perfect, but just makes content out of pure enjoyment and fun with what he knows. He recently got back into creating characters and released a Mario a couple of weeks ago, and he seems to be improving his creation skills a bit, which is really nice to see! I'm happy he exists, and his content could get a nice treatment like this.