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  1. Hello there! I hope you have been well! <3 Shoot me a message when you get online, I'd love to catch up and see how you have been!

  2. Download Download Download Download Download Download Download I did the best to my ability on these and as always, any respectful and helpful feedback is appreciated! Thank you.
  3. I had permission by an Administrator to post this, but hello everyone! I have recently returned after an extremely off and on hiatus for the last several years. My account is older then it seems but my original account was having some server / configuration issues and so they made me a new one and merged the old stuff (but I've been around before 2015). I'm Navana but my real name is Constance (I went through a real life name change in 2015). I have known of the MUGEN community since I was about 16 years old and I didn't have the best reputation a long time ago, however, as you age and become more of an adult obviously you learn from your past and ultimately learn to do better then your previous incarnate. I'm 23 years old now as of this year and the last year or two I've released some quality content that I think is some of the best I've created for me so far. I'm happy to be back and my goal is to try and get back into all forums in the sense of just wanting to learn more, and continue to do the best that I can with stages and all that good stuff! I hope you guys have all been well and I can't wait to start posting again around here. :)
  4. Beast's Ceiling Download No animation on this stage, as not much was given from the original sprite sheet. The stage is from X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse. Credits go to Omega for the sprites. Hammer Bash Download for Mugen 1.1 Download for Mugen 1.0 The first stage (I believe) to be converted from Tiny Toons Wacky Sports. Fair warning that the speed of the airplane in the image is different in 1.1 compared to 1.0 due to me coding it for 1.0. It was my first time converting for 1.0 AND 1.1 at the same time. This stage does have animation. Credits go to Omega for the sprites. Enjoy!
  5. Where is the download for this exactly? I got confused on the page.
  6. Hello to everyone. Here is a stage from Batman Returns. Download Enjoy. Credits go to Omega for the rips at Spriters Resource. If you have any ideas for stages you would like me to make, simply provide me a link with some sprites, or such and I will see what I can do! Thanks.
  7. Alrighty everyone! This took me a couple days to do. I completed 7 stages from the game "Rave Master: Attack Force" from the Gameboy Advance. Some images in specific stages were scaled to fit proportions of the stages, while some pieces of the stage have been animated slightly which unlike in the game, were non-animated. A lot of the stages from the game do lack animations, so do not judge me for that. In some of the .defs, there may or may not be extra lines of code that I forgot to delete. I was just lazy, and didn't erase it. If I missed putting shadows on a stage, don't remind me. It's only a minor thing Credits go to OldGamer for testing these stages and teaching me additional information on advanced stage creation! City of Darkness: This stage has superjump. The castle in the middle was scaled to fit the proportions. Download Garage Island: Has deltas in the clouds, like source game. Also has superjump. Download Hundred Eater Cave: Has a really nice superjump! If you manage to get all the way to the top, there is a 'face' of sorts up there. However, the source game did not have any animations for it. The water does move and also glows, as source to close game as possible. Download Silver Knights: Rain is animated. The background does move, just like source game. The boat also shakes too, and that was not in the source game but I wanted to add it since I thought it would be a nice addition. Download Tower of Jin: Added deltas to the clouds, just like source. For some reason the clouds looked a bit weird tiled, so I apologize for that, it's better than cut off bounds. Download Symphonia: Parallaxed floor. Deltas. I had to scale the sunset to fit proportions. Download Nerve of Silver Ray: The ball in the middle floats. In the source game, it doesn't, which surprised me. You would figure they would add an animation to that. Download Enjoy guys! If someone could share this over at MFG, I would appreciate it. Thanks again!
  8. Updated the stage with something minor. There is now a wooden pole at the end of the right bound of the stage. It no longer looks weird when players pass by the other wooden pole.
  9. Alright! Before I talk about the stage, I would like to say that this stage is probably the most defining stage of my Mugen career as a contributor to the Mugen Community. I feel as though this definitely incorporates everything that I have learned and have wanted to learn to become a better stage creator. Thank you to OldGamer for teaching me everything I know, and without him, I wouldn't be where I am now. This stage is for Mugen 1.1 only. The stage does have zoom. NO ONE has ever made a stage from the "Shantae" series, to my knowledge. This stage has 30+ layers or so. The clouds do move at some velocities that you, the player, might or might not enjoy. If you want to edit them, feel free to. Palm tree is also animated. Risky Boots' boat was turned from a 16-bit image into an 8-bit image by me and is seen at the right side of the stage. On the left is Shantae's house and that is the end bound for the left side of the stage. Risky Boots' boat does have shake, making it move up and down. The small boat is animated in the middle and moves with you from left to right, based off the real game. This stage does have super jump. The bird at the tip of Shantae's house on the left is animated. This stage's music comes from the Nintendo 3DS game of this series. The sprites were all ripped by me and please do not use unless given permission. This stage is meant for chibi-inspired characters, BUT also looks very nice with normal sized characters. If it looks weird for some characters, change the zoffset to your liking. The Gameboy Color version of this game does not have the clouds move in animation, nor does it have that many. But, was based off from the Nintendo 3DS version, which has clouds moving. Without any further ado, here you go. I hope that you guys enjoy the stage, because I enjoyed making it. Download! If someone could share this over on MFG I'd greatly appreciate it.
  10. Finally! No more waiting! The screenpack is converted for both 1.0 and 1.1 with small changes. Thank you so much OldGamer for converting this screenpack for me! My wait is finally over! Lol. Original screenpack is by Jet, edited first by Haseo Lee, and now converted to 1.0 and 1.1 by OldGamer. Download: OG's Skydrive -> My Edit Screen Pack - Queen of Fighters Complete Video below:
  11. Sanae Kochiya by Kohaku works completely fine without the AI patch in 1.1 when you're using her, but when I tried to implement the AI patch by 凱 it crashed Mugen and said that the character was too older of a version. Could someone help me out with this? Because there isn't any other strong AI Sanae's out there, .-.
  12. LINK to the game! I thought I would share it with everyone, since my friend in the Touhou Community Skype Group I am found the original link to it, and then she posted the "mega" link. I love it so far. Mod Edit: Link Removed
  13. Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I have decided after thinking back and forth as to whether or not to ask about commissions, I figured I would make the attempt to do so! If anyone would be interested, I am wanting to commission someone to do individual Touhou characters in tasofro-styled sprite work. The reason why I am asking about commissions related to this style is for these reasons: 1) I just love the style. 2) I am a part of a Touhou-related community forum where they hold many kinds of tournaments all for fun of course, and I do not like seeing anyone excluded from them if the character has yet to be made. They are aware that it is MUGEN as I've told them in the Skype chat room for the community. If anyone would be interested, you obviously receive credits and mentioned for your creations in the threads that I make in the future regarding said characters. In order for this to make sense though, one must know about Touhou and the games if they wish to do this. It wouldn't be right if you created a character but never played the game in question, as you wouldn't know what kind of attacks to implement. I'm willing to hear prices, and negotiate and what not. The characters should have execptional AI's, not slow ones where they run around and either jump or teleport and just block. I would want to see an example if you can sprite that style, just to be certain. Also, you may need to study some characters already created by other authors in this style so that way you can see what is implemented in characters that should be implemented in those that I want to be created. Check the Touhou Project [ COLLECTION ] thread to see the list of characters already made! An example of the sprite style is: The characters I want to have created from the series (one at a time of course) are: Kurumi Elly Sara Kotohime Chiyuri Luna Child Star Sapphire Just to reiterate, I'm not asking for them to all be made at once, it's a "one at a time" thing. This is open to anyone who is interested. If you have any questions, I'm willing to answer them, and please do not post anything negative, as I am only trying to ask nicely and respectfully. Алексей told me to post this here, so if it is in the wrong section, I apologize.
  14. Parsee's AI is adequate for the most part, but there are times where she just stands there or constantly teleports but doesn't do anything other than move to the other side of the screen and block. x_x I wanted to see if perhaps I could get some assistance with creating a new AI for Parsee. Any help would be greatly appreciated.