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  1. Enkidu: Yes I am with them, but I only came here to visit them, if that's okay.
  2. Magical City of Verve (Enkidu was near were the monster appeared and died) Enkidu: (Hmm, more disturbances. To think that this place would have monsters appearing inside of the city.) Enkidu: (Just as I thought, somethings wrong. The shadow figures I saw in that vision, they looked familiar. Then again they were hard to make out. The only thing that was clear was "their" eye color) Enkidu: (... I know what I must do. This may not be my home world, but I still need to play my role of getting it back to normal. And those shadow figures... I think I know were just to find "them.") (Enkidu starts walking towards the Inn)
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Been awhile since I came here, so I decided to drop this here.
  4. Warrior's Hangout (Byakuya stretches while he was picking a room) Byakuya: Well, I guess I'll be going into this room. It's been a long day. Byakuya: I wouldn't expect anybody to join me, but your welcomed to come with me. (Byakuya then goes into one of the rooms, and sits on the bed) Magical City of Verve (Seth stared at his weapons) Seth: "Eliminators." The future has came to a great shift... (Seth clenches his weapons) Seth: But I can't let this world consume me with fear. I will no longer be made a tool, the chains that have been brought upon me will be broken. Seth: (For the promise I have made...) (Seth's weapons disappears as he puts his hands down)
  5. Byakuya: My, you startled me, "Spirit Dancer." Under different circumstances I would've pounced on an obvious prey. But me and you should put that aside, after all, I wouldn't want your "spirits" to see you lying on the ground. Byakuya: My business here is related to almost everyone here, if not everyone in this room. Except there's just one small difference.
  6. Seth: (hmm, I suppose a breather such as this would do fine) (Seth enters a different room) Meeting Room Byakuya: Looks like we aren't coming to any agreements anytime soon, going in altogether would have been a good idea if 1. There weren't so many guards, and 2. The fact that most or some of these guards might be robots, means they most likely can make clones of these robots. But since I can't think of a better plan I'll just go with whatever you guys pick. Byakuya: As long as the plan involves killing.
  7. Seth: (Tch, I should have seen this coming, she has us cornered. I'm not sure if what i'm about to say is going to be a mistake or not, but it's worth a shot) Seth: We are from different worlds, i'm not exactly sure which worlds they came from, but I am from Earth...
  8. Elysia Inn Seth: It would be rare to find something like that on me, but i'm sure this place should take the same "atomic number 79."
  9. Seth: ..... (My next target, is a person that controls minds? What a nuisance... I guess my purpose here was to have more blood on my blades. It seems that your my next victim, Athena...)
  10. Meeting Room (Byakuya was sitting down, playing with a web he made) Byakuya: -Hums- (Byakuya suddenly stopped playing with his web, and stopped humming) Byakuya: ........ ('Guess that memory gonna keep repeating, huh?)
  11. Seth: Tch, let him suffer. We have another person to go after. (Seth walks back along with Idealis)
  12. MAGICAL CITY OF VERVE: Oracle's Room (After the explanation, Seth remained silent for a few minutes, then was overwhelm by rage) Seth: You..... (Seth draws one of his weapons quickly, and points it toward the Oracle) Seth: I've been fooled for the last time! I have been made a tool for war countless times, constantly killing without thought, leaving the unlucky victim rot... If you can't bring us back, then i'll just have to slaughter the person who did this.
  13. Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P, Melina and Anna Ametrine (As the dramatic scene ends, Byakuya brakes out in laughter) Byakuya: Hahahaha! Oh, I could get used to this. I kinda like that loli's attitude.
  14. Byakuya: Heheh, well that's progress. (Byakuya follows Mech-Hisui) Seth: (The time has finally come, Oracle...) Seth: (.....Something still feels off, and its hard to put aside.) Seth: (But this feeling is about to come to an end. Either your with or against us. Only the road ahead has the answer that I seek) (Seth has his fingers curled up, as if he was holding his weapons)
  15. Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, 5T and 13P Byakuya: Oh my, where are my manners? I'm Byakuya. (Byakuya's aura feels much more intense) Byakuya: Pleasure to meet the people I've never met before. (His aura then turns back to the way it was before)
  16. Byakuya: Hmm, it seems bland around here. Why did we come here again?
  17. (Byakuya almost lost balance, and then regained it) Byakuya: Hmmm, well, seems like this is going to be a bumpy road. I better get to work. (Byakuya heads toward the Warrior's Hangout)
  18. Byakuya: Well, thats that then.... I guess.... (Byakuya falls silent suddenly, seemingly deep in thought) Byakuya: (Sheesh, it's hard to believe how much has happened already. Oh how I wish "you" were here....) Byakuya: (But, it seems like I got to kill things until I find out who brought me here. Meh, killing something to get what I want doesn't sound like a bad plan to me. ) (Byakuya starts to follow the others)
  19. Byakuya: C'mon, if I really was itching for a fight, we would be fighting by now. I hate to admit it, but this world is more dangerous than the world I was in, so I might have to cooperate... For now. So, am I being a young gent or not?
  20. Byakuya: Now now, no need to start acting like im some sort of criminal or something. You could say i'm on a permanent getaway. The Slums became a hazard, with guards everywhere. Byakuya: I wouldn't really want to fight around here anyways. These "civilians" were already staring at me along the way. Byakuya: So, how goes it lovely lady?
  21. Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T and ??? Byakuya: Ah. I thought I felt a familiar presence. It's just the little kid himself. What did I miss?
  22. Seth: (We have some information... Yet there are still pieces missing) Seth: (This leaves me more suspicious about this Oracle... It's best if I stay vigilant)
  23. Seth: So this is the place that the oracle resides..... (Seth stares at the creatures in the sky) Seth: The security seems a bit tighter than a "King and Queen" castle.
  24. Audience Team (Seth separates with the rest) Seth: (I hope you know what your doing Seraph... I don't want to witness another death)
  25. Seth: I wouldn't trust this "new ally" so easily. I'm cutting his throat if he ever tries something. And even with the knowledge your giving Seraph, I don't think we can prepare for the "inevitable." This place has proved to be a battleground. IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT ALL OF US WAS DRAGGED FROM THE PLACES WE ONCE KNEW, JUST TO SAVE THIS ONE, WITHOUT A GUARANTEE OF SURVIVAL! (Seth stood with his head down taking in heavy breaths)