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  1. (While walking with Nemesis group, Seth began to seem more in thought) (So the king is willing to let us in. I can just imagine how some of the group are feeling. I hope he at least knows enough about whats going on here.)
  2. (Seth ended up appearing right beside Nemesis) "Events" hmm? (This should be interesting)
  3. Somethings off about her. Then again, i can't let my curiosity get the best of me.
  4. (I see... so this is the type of place it is....)
  5. (Seth was going more slower than the others) (This city... Its far more larger than the place i use to live.)
  6. The creatures of this forest must be very hostile... How close are we to the city?
  7. (Seth uses swift movment to dodge the falling flames)
  8. (Seth noticed the attack, but he reacted too slow and recieved damage) Gah!
  9. Well damn, the whole package.


    They better have Seth doe.

  10. (Tch. Darn this restraint) Are you alright?
  11. (Seth threw a shadow like sphere at the creatures, attempting to hit them. The attack would go at random due to the lost of some of his abilities.) Houkou no Segment!
  12. (Just who or what is gathering us all here? The amount of people makes me wonder, if we were gathered here to defeat some type of threat. Just how big is this threat?)
  13. I lived in a pretty normal city. The only thing that wasn't normal was the "Hallow Night". This certain night gatheres "In-births",which is what i am, and "Voids",which hunts for In-births. The "Hallow Night" is basically a battlefield. In-births and voids with different intentions. Some wants to stop it. Others want blood to spill.
  14. You must all must have an eventful life....
  15. (Seth then opens his eyes). Hm? Your still talking?
  16. (Seth is sitting against a tree sleeping). ZZZzzzZZZzzz
  17. I didn't expect to be with such a crazy bunch...
  18. Alrighty then, Tommy it is. You can call me Seth.
  19. Anyways. I'm gonna assume nobody here knows were the portal came from and were we are now, correct?
  20. (The person the looks were the photographer a bit angrily).
  21. I don't think theres much you have to worry about. I just have a temporary restraint, it should go away as soon as i recover.
  22. Hmmm. I seem to have lost some of my abilities
  23. Hmmm, very well. (The person removes his jacket).