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  1. KlonoaFan230 Gaming

    3D Crash Bandicoot

    he looks nice :D
  2. KlonoaFan230 Gaming

    The King of Fighters '94 / '95

    :( i'm sad it wasn't no Kof 94 Vers of Heavy d and Brian Battler
  3. there will be more character's coming?

    1. WlanmaniaX


      Hopefully, after I am done with R.O.B..

    2. KlonoaFan230 Gaming
  4. KlonoaFan230 Gaming

    MUGEN WISH LISTS! (2014)

    I FOUND A OGGY THE CAT IN MUGEN Link;http://www.mediafire.com/download/rgsw7q6v9lyl36d/oggy.zip is just spriteswap of Tom the cat.
  5. KlonoaFan230 Gaming

    Oggy the Cat by AdhityaL

    I hope zig and sharko be playable character in mugen.
  6. KlonoaFan230 Gaming

    MUGEN WISH LISTS! (2014)

    IS Already Oggy in mugen. but is on Mugen Archive. is very hard to get it