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  1. joel

    AI Pack

    Do anybody here is willing to do some ai for a request?
  2. Whats the bgm in your "[MUGEN Battle] Nanaya Shiki VS Mizuchi Angel" video

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! link me your mother brain like the one in this video 


  4. is there an ai patch for segata sunshiro
  5. is there an ai patch for Darth Vader by AxSeeker and Darth Maul by RMX

    There are 2 problems

    - 1 mother brain has a long round 2 intro

    - 2 when I pair her with super Metroid, super Metroid seems to freeze at round 1

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    2. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Just to let you know, I have't got much time recently, so please be patient.I will finish it about his weekend.

    3. joel


      OK thanks


    4. joel


      There is at least one last problem with Mother Brain is that my opponent glitch when fighting mother brain 2nd form e.g if you pit Mother Brain 2nd form with abyss, abyss (2nd form) will glitch

  7. I seriously tried but I cant. I just don't know topkirby8305 got that mother brain
  8. Or at least can I sent my mother brain and can somebody fix if please??
  9. Is there mother brain that don't have a long round 2 transition like the one topkirby8305 use before like this thanks