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  2. Warrior's Hangout - Cafeteria Ryuko: Alright...Guess I'll just have an hamburger. Oh, and some oranje juice.too. Etomo: I'll just have a sandwich with ham and eggs. And to drink...Hmmm...I'll go with coffee. Elle: Oh hey! It's Super Long Hair Lady and the Super Noisy Girl. Ryuko: Noisy girl? Is that what you think of me Elle? Etomo: Take it as karma for forgetting Kirimuri's name. Ludger: Morning you two. Etomo: Morning! How are you doing? Ludger: Overall...I'm fine. Feels good to walk properly again. Ryuko: Great! Would be a shame if we lost the best cook I've ever met. Ludger: Thanks for the...concern? Ryuko: Just messing with ya! I was really worried after the shit that happened yesterday. Ryuko: But let's touch that subject later. Don't want to ruin anyone's morning with this gloomy thing. I'll eagerly wait for that hamburger. Ludger: (Oh yeah, she saw someone being killed in front of her too...She's doing her best to get over it.) Alright...By the way, I just got call from Hinamori. They'll be arriving in the hangout shortly.
  3. Etomo: Yeah, that's the current plan. Ryuko: Alright then, Kirigakure! Etomo: Now you're doing this on pur- Ryuko: Anyway, I heard the word breakfast! Up up we go! That food won't eat itself. Bluna Walter Mansion Everyone met at the living room. The butler was holding a plate full of sandwhices while one of the maids was pushing a cart with some cups and two jugs of coffee and tea. As they sat on the chairs, someone familiar to the group entered the place. Alvin: Whoa,wasn't expecting to see you of all people here. Yui: Alvin!? Alvin: Hi there Missy! Hugh: What are you doing here? Alvin: The usual, striking some deals and whanot. Daiane: You know each other? Hinamori: He is friends with Doctor Mathis. Alvin: What she said. These brats helped me some days ago, so I guess you can say we do know each other. Daiane: I see. Alvin: So...Is your father awake yet? Daiane: He is on a phone call, but he should be here shortly. Yui: Oh yeah, we didn't meet your dad yet. Daiane: I've actually spoke to him about you. He just said that I should keep looking out for you. Alvin: Sounds like he didn't mind at all. Daiane: There's an explanation for that. He's wasn't from any Ancestor Family before he married Mom, so when something related to it happens, he pretty much leaves me to handle it. Alvin: I see...Keeping the two worlds separate right? Hugh: You really do everything around here huh? Dean: Pretty much! My lil' sis is just so awesome all the time. Daiane: I could still use some help. Dean: No no...I couldn't possibily... Daiane: ... Dean: I-I remember I have to brush my teeth...later! Dean escapes her sister's glare. Daiane lets a slighty sigh. Alvin: She really doesn't want to do the heavy work huh? Daiane: Yeah...But I'm hopeful that one day, she'll learn to be more serious about her responsabilities. Yui: I'm sure she will...She has her heart in the right place after all. Daiane: Hmmm...You really think so? Alvin: She's sounding pretty confident to me...I'd say, take her word for it! Daiane: If you say so... Yui: Well, I guess we've been here long enough...Let's go back to the hangout guys. Hinamori: Yeah. Yui: Sorry for bothering you...and thanks for letting us stay here for the night. Daiane: It wasn't a bother at all...You're always welcome here as long as you don't bring any trouble. Yui: I know... Joyce: Goodbye for now! Hugh: Girls, can you go ahead? I'm heading to the bathroom. Yui: Okay! We'll be waiting outside. One last talk
  4. Bluna Walter Mansion Hugh: *groan* Slept like shit... Hugh walked groggly through the corridor leading to the stairs. All of a sudden, he heard Joyce's voice coming from one of the rooms. Joyce: Ethereal Flames, Heed my call and burn my soul! Forge me to be stronger than anyone! Hugh: (An incantation?) Joyce: VALIANT KNIGHT!!! Hugh rushed to the room where he heard the voice and opened the door, seeing the vortex of fire engulfing Joyce. Hugh: Whoa!!! When it dissipated, she was wearing a different outfit...However... Joyce: My swords! Where are they? Hugh: J-Joy... (I have to admit...that was cool...) Track: In the Interval of War Joyce: Oh? Good Morning Hugie! Hugh: What was that right now? A super mode? Joyce: You can say that...I focus all my energy into enhancement magic, then I let it power me up by letting it swallow me...But for some reason, by Twin Blades aren't showing up. Hugh: I see...Can you still fight like that? Joyce: Let's see... She throws a punch at Hugh, who blocks, but he feels an incredible strenght behind the attack. Hugh: Urgh...I guess that answers it. Joyce: Well...It's supposed to be way stronger than this...but I guess it's enough for me to fend for myself...but I'm more used to armed combat. Then, she cancels the Super Mode. Joyce: I'm counting on you to give some tips. Hugh: Yeah...Let's ask somebody else...My style is a bit raw for you... Joyce: If you say so...Now let's head downstairs Hugie! Hugh: Stop calling me that...It's weird when it comes to someone I only now for a day. Warrior's Hangout Ryuko: Oh hey! It's masked creep and hobo with an actual house. Etomo: Will you cut it out? You know their names. Ryuko: Hehehe! Fine then... Ryuko: Oh hey! It's masked creep and LightFlare. Etomo: Sigh...You're impossible... Ryuko: What? I actually forgot his name! Help me here Etomo... Etomo: Ask him yourself...
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    Here, i'll post my videos, i was planning to do this for a while, but i needed to update my playlist with all my fights till now. So here it is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLskWWnMRAQtnxDgRD8ImtFEaEv1NOKKKX And here's a new video for today Websta, your Mizuchi rocks! I aprove! But please, nerf you Goodman a little, he's too hard
  7. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    The unusual four (The usual is three)
  8. Bluna Walter Mansion "Hey Yui, it's time to wake up." Yui: Mmmm...Mom...just more five minutes... "Eh? I'm not your mother..." Yui: Then call me later...Zzzzzzzz... "Yui...Get up...right now..." Yui: Zzzzzzzz... Hinamori: I don't want to scream at her...but at the same time I want to wake her up in the most rude way possible... Daiane: Oh? You're up early! Morning. Is she a heavy sleeper? Hinamori: From the looks of it...yeah... Daiane: It's the same for my sister...She won't wake up no matter how much I shake her up... Hinamori: Maybe we should just wait out... Daiane: Don't worry, I have a solution...Hey Dean, give me those... A drowsy Dean enters the room carrying a frying pan and a ladle. Dean: Here... Daiane: Thank you...Now then, cover up your ears. Hinamori: !!! Hinamori does exactly that while Dean flees the room. Daiane then lifts up her "weapons". Daiane: On my right hand holds the sturdy pan! On my left hand holds the mighty ladle! With their powers combined, I'll bring down the hammer of punishiment! Resound! Bluna Walter's Secret Move! WAKE UP THE DEAD!!! Yui: WAH!!! Track: A Cheerful Bandit Startled by the sudden loud noise, she fell off the bed, then immidietaly got back up in a fighting stance. Yui: What! Who! What! Where? Daiane throws her "weapons" at the door, then greets Yui with a smile. Daiane: Good Morning! Yui: Oh! Morning everyone... Hinamori: Were you having a nice dream? Yui: Hmmm...I guess it was a good one...I think I saw Mommy on it too... Hinamori: Well then, let's head downstairs. Breakfast is waiting! Yui: I have this odd feeling I made someone upset... Warriors Hangout All of a sudden, Ryuko stands on the bed with her arms lifted up. Ryuko: RAWR!!! ANGRY CROW TAKES FLIGHT! Etomo: Urgh...Morning for you too... Ryuko: Whoa! Not a morning person? Etomo: No...I just rather wake up like a normal person. Ryuko: Hehehe... Etomo: Don't you dare... Ryuko: PHOENIX FLIES TO THE MOON!!! Ryuko jumps at Etomo's bed, but ends up hitting her head in the ceiling and falling in the ground, missing her mark. Etomo: Good to know some things never change... Ryuko: Owchie owch... Verve - Elysia Inn As Yomi woke up, she saw Jude writting some notes in a paper. Yomi: Got some inspiring theory doc? Jude: Well...I'm trying to... Yomi: I see...Good luck with that...Anyway, are you ready for this day to suck? Because I'm sure am. Jude: Don't be so pessimistic. Yomi: We'll surely fight a monster along the way. I'm an assassin. I was trained to kill people. Fighting monsters is kind of a hassle to me since all of my "Sure-Kill" tactics doesn't work on them, so don't expect much of a contribution to me other than a sneaky hit. Jude: I'll keep that in mind. Anyway, now that you're up, let's meet with the others. Yomi: Might as well...
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    A girl receives a painful lesson in modesty. Famous Witch Hunter and detective is spotted. He was believed to be missing after he fought a monster (and won.) He was fighting a criminal who wrecked havoc in the 1.1 world some months ago. Speaking of hunters, there's a new Vampire Hunter in town. And lastly...this happened.
  11. I kept seeing pictures of her on pixiv. Good to know she's actually being released.
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    Wasn't even going to record these, but I needed something to pass time while I waited for the internet to come back.
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  15. Yet another thread, Cause i want to show stuff.
  16. Late for the spooks but I still released a halloween video


  17. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    Some videos and a late halloween video
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    Something silly today
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    Dang, haven't posted here in a while, let's fix that with a playlist And the updated "A little bit of" series
  20. Saturday without bugs...what madness is this?

    Have some videos to celebrate 


  21. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    Bullying Lightining again, Fighting wolf with another wolf and making someone shape shift into a dead person.
  22. Location: The Slums The sudden explosion called the attention of Julius and Seila. They were fighting each other for a while, but such even was enough to make them stop. Julius: What? Seila: Seems like there's always something happening in this place. Julius: More like interesting things started happening today. It's possible that this place won't be safe for us anymore in the near future...These Knights won't go very far. Julius: So...How about considering my offer now? I'm sure you don't want to get caught by your former allies right now. Seila silently sheathes her swords, considering her options. Seila: ...Very well...But as soon as your problems are done with, I'm leaving. Julius: Thanks for understanding...Now then, shall we go to the place you're staying? Seila: Why mine? Julius: A certain someone knows by this point where I live. It's a complicated story...I'll pack my things back at my home first, then we go to yours. Seila: Right... Meanwhile, Lorence and Reeta had finally arrived at the slums, they could increase the pace now that they weren't jumping from building to building. Reeta: We're probably too late for the show after that huge cloud of smoke though. Lorence: The distress signal isn't gone yet...It's not over yet. Reeta: Is that so? Sigh... Lorence: I know you're a bit tired mentally after that chance meeting with your former companions... Reeta: I'm not...Let's keep going. I'm just not really a fan of fighting to be honest... Lorence: Are you really sure? You don't want to get distracted by such thoughts. Reeta: We'll see about that. We psychics are known for our impecable focus. She went on ahead, Lorence simply smirked and followed after her. Substory Darius started to speak with tone of sarcasm. Darius: Oh, I'm sorry if we distracted you from your precious job. Let's make it up for you by helping to take out the trash! Darius: CALAMITY RONDO!!! Suddenly, he threw his falchion to the mob in front of him, creating an explosion which also send his weapon back to him.
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  24. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    After spending some time in Megaman Fangame Heaven, I'm back in business.