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  1. It looks more ergonomic for the game (maybe also some VC games / arcade style games) than the Pro Pad or the Gamepad but I don't feel like spending money on it. For the price it might make a good simple pad for 4-button / 6-button games because it works over USB on the PC and PS3 as well.
  2. Who said that? They said it would be a Pokemon with a ラ in it's name.
  3. Yeah I hear Harada was on record saying "no fat chicks"
  4. Well in this case Braxien's design for gameplay is supposed to be agile and ranged, so it makes more sense to use the smaller design that actually has legs for acrobatics.
  5. Are you using WinMUGEN or Mugen 1.0/1.1? The AILevel feature does not exist in WinMUGEN
  6. he's afraid of vore edits
  7. lmao good job you can pause the game and go to gamefaqs now
  8. you can possibly get by if you set the taskbar to auto-hide or move it to the left/right of your screen to add a little bit of extra vertical space
  9. a series of d&d campaigns where the dm is very bad at thinking of ways to start them
  10. they sure are making a lot of pokemon games for the super nintendo these days
  11. Are you sure you aren't experiencing keyboard ghosting instead? I don't remeber what the default keyboard layout is or what you've changed the controls to but for example I can't hit Z & X simultaenously with the down or right arrows on my laptop.
  12. lmao, the first SRW with Gundam AGE and it's not even featured on the promotional art in favor of the obscure SD Gundam OVA from 1990
  13. its some guy who enjoys pretending to be a nintendo employee and sending dmca takedown requests to mediafire
  14. sorry guys i told my uncle jason at nintendo about mugen
  15. nobody thought of spinning attacks before now