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  1. Kirimuri thought for a moment about the uprising in the Slums. Coming from a world that's ravaged by war and corruption, he did not like the fact that he was unexpectedly and forcefully dragged here against his will just to quell more violent conflicts. The thought of not participating with the group crossed his mind. "..."
  2. Fuck the double post bug

  3. "Well, I gues this empty belly has to wait." Kirimuri stands up and starts following the Mech-Hisui into the meeting room.
  4. "So... What do we do now?" Kirimuri stretches his back once more and sits on a chair in the lounge. Suddenly, he can hear a very loud stomach growl nearby. *Stares at everybody...* He hears the sound again but this time, it's coming from his own stomach. "...Oh wait. That was me. "That just reminded me, I haven't eaten anything since I was back at the forest... My sandwich box is probably empty now."
  5. Kirimuri approaches Byakuya from behind. "I don't give two damns or a fuck if your intention to help us is genuine... But if you tried to harm us, you'll most likely get skewered by a purple princes midget, or by a brunette midget wearing baggy clothes..." "...Or by a pink idol midget, I don't know." "Mark my words. Step one foot out of the friendly zone and you better be prepared to face the consequences." "Anyways, I'm looking forward for your cooperation from this point." Kirimuri pats Byakuya's back strongly to the point he almost pushed him off before returning to the Warriors' Hangout.
  6. "Considering that you tried to kill them earlier, we'll probably not accept you. Unless you redeem yourself by risking your life to save them from a life-threatening situation, we might consider letting you in."
  7. Kirimuri cracks his knuckles loudly, signalling Byakuya to back off. "..."
  8. "Nice to meet you, Anna..." Kirimuri looks at Anna for a short while. "I'm just guessing, but did you arrive in an abandoned church by chance?"
  9. "...Let's change the subject here and let the little ki... the guy enjoy his moment. Isn't it getting a bit chilly here? Brr... Is smoldering allowed inside?"
  10. "Husband? HUSBAND?" *sob* "This is so touching that even an uncultured guy like me have to shed a tear... Kirimuri coolly withdraws." Kirimuri goes into the bank after being pulled by 5T.
  11. d o   y o u   u n d e r s t a n d

    i t ' s   a l l   i n   y o u r   h e a d


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      The Auditor

      You got Terminal 7, Luigi

  12. "Whoops, excuse my rudeness and lack of thoroughness. I only wanted to confirm that you're not from the Hangout. I just got one nice back massage earlier from one of the android maids." "Well, I go with the pseudonym Kirimuri. Early 20's. Can speak 3 different languages, potentially 4. Call me Kirimuri, Kiri, perverted-bloke-from-the-far-east or whatever. I don't give two damns or a fuck. Anyways, nice to meet you."
  13. Kirimuri sees 5T outside with Agni and Rokurou. He decides to accompany them. "Greetings, my android fellow. I take it that you investigate and fight instead of massage?"
  14. "I'll come with you guys then. It's not like I have anything else to do..."
  15. "I probably still have a lot of silver coins left..." Kirimuri checks his bag and pulls out a fairly large pouch of coins. He takes out 20 silver coins and hands it to Rokurou. "I reckon 20 of these coins will give you 50 Pompadillions. 40 for the registration fee plus a month of membership, and 10 for... I don't know, a nice bowl of noodle or something. You can pay me back later..." "...Well, if you don't suddenly get accidentally killed or something."
  16. "Aw, I only wanted to sound cool for once..." "Well, it was indeed a close match. She almost skewered me multiple times with her waves of knives, while I tried to explode her multiple times and collapse a whole building on her."
  17. "I went to this abandoned church to check things out because something seemed unusual, then I met this possessed nun who tried to kill me under the name of her magical sky wizard. Then I subdued her and asked Hinamori to banish the evil spirit." "On my way home, Melina challenged me for a battle at the Hangout after grazing my face multiple times with her knives because she couldn't control her emotions..." "...Then I destroyed her."
  18. "I see. Well, if we needed to go back to the slums, we can use the sewers to avoid being seen. Except that it's pretty dark and it smells bad though. I reckon the owner of this place went there to check things out."
  19. "Nice to meet you, I guess." "People tell me that all the time. I just like to wear much clothing outside. Anyways, where is everybody? I thought they went to the slums with you."
  20. "Oh Melina... Don't call everything bad just because a minority of them are mentally challenged." "Anyways Agni, who's this shady looking dude over here?"
  21. "What the hell is happening here..." Kirimuri appears and finds Agni and Melina arguing after getting a back massage in the relaxation lounge. "I thought we already got over this. Can both of you just stop?"
  22. "Ohhhh.... Ouch... Ay.... Ow..." "...Ooohh...Nice..."
  23. "I know... I have this bad habit of bringing almost everything..." Kirimuri approaches the bed and lies down in a prone position. He pulls out his MP3 and listens to music.
  24. "Not really. But recently I've been getting recurrent pain in the lower-left part of my back... Sometimes my shoulders hurt too due to the fact that I have to constantly wear a heavy backpack. It would be nice if you could concentrate on these parts."