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  1. Guild is just a forum of people. There is no hierarchy that runs in the shadows. There is no Guild Pie. There are no Ops. No one is trying to destroy anything. There is no mission. Just people. Normal people. It's okay.
  2. Traffic itself doesn't dictate how popular or useful a forum actually is to the community.The vast amount of information and knowledge stored on the MFG forums for the past decade or so, not to mention the experience from forum members who have been around equally as long, makes the site 100x more important to the community than mugen archive can ever hope to achieve by simply having a vaster amount of creator content and in turn more traffic. It all comes down to the fact that MFG has been around longer and has shown themselves to be the forefront of mugen related discussion and expertise. Look at it this way, MFG has been around for 16 years longer than MugenArchive and they STILL get just as much, if not equally, the same amount of traffic. You should want unity among the forums, not discord. Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions.
  3. Usually inside the CMD file, you'll find a trigger that requires life to meet a certain condition for that move.. remove that and it should work anytime.. but depending on what the author used to determine that condition it could be a variable as well.. Whose k9999 character??
  4. This sounds painful. Why did you love him so much? How did he break your heart? Call him out on it bro. If you're this mad, he must've meant the world to you. =(
  5. 8 pages of nonsense trolling and white-knighting does nothing to further your case. -Adfly is gaining revenue using mugen creations as it's source.(Regardless of whether adlfy has viruses/malware or not) -Downloads are limited to active members of the forum.(Why?) And under the guise of community, these two points alone negate any sense of the word. I am glad MugenArchive exists.I truly am. It's just operating a little differently than most mugen forums. On the virus bit, the people who run adfly aren't the ones who give the content of the ads. They are probably reviewed before they are displayed to anyone, but the company/person advertising could easily change it after it's been approved to add some malicious code. If you do come across something like that again, just report it to the people who run adfly. That being said, THIS is the reason adfly is sketchy... at least to me...
  6. https://www.mediafire.com/?32b4tj7mgr6j130 Last Two!~! Enjoy.
  7. https://www.mediafire.com/?yrhnutgby08x92x Here you go!~!
  8. Here you go!~! Ryu-DG CVS: http://www.mediafire.com/?qr4fiq4u35ia0sy Ryu-DG MvC: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ejw2vg6g3vc694
  9. Nice job on the thread!~! Here's a Liu Kang that Fabry Taz, Mugenstation, and myself worked on a couple years back during the whole MK:Prize Fighter project. It's just a slight improvement over Shazzo's original Fei-Long edit..... http://www.mediafire.com/?848aev8fq88xxru
  10. Here's a couple of his Asuka Characters from a while back, not sure if you have them or not: http://www.mediafire.com/?zckhl8uoin2q9gq
  11. On Siegfried's Blog he posted: http://siegfried8823.blog59.fc2.com/blog-category-0.html That password protected version on AXFC and VDISK are fakes. Besides, he calls his files Gold-Metal, not Legend Gold-Metal Orochi3rd. It's something!