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  1. Jinx.

    KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    A mix between 94, 95 and 98 :)
  2. Jinx.

    KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    Thanks :) Not Kyo for now, but something else I did today. I know the hair sucks.
  3. Jinx.

    Iori Edits Collection

    Awesome :D
  4. Jinx.

    KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    Will continue this once I finish the math exam on Wednesday :)
  5. Jinx.

    TOP 5 Fighting Game Characters!

    1. Kyo Kusanagi (KOF) 2. Kazuya Mishima (Tekken) 3. Rock Howard (Garou: MOTW) 4. Ryo Sakazaki (Fatal Fury Special) 5. Mario (Super Smash Bros)
  6. Jinx.

    Yagami by Jin\Issei Martuyori Yagami

    He needs a new voice so badly, but otherwise it's a good character.
  7. Jinx.

    Kyo Edits Collection

    Yeah, why not? :)
  8. Jinx.

    Capcom Vs. SNK Series

    I don't know why, but whenever I open one of DivineWolf's archives, only the .sff and .def get shown. Same for extracting.
  9. Jinx.

    KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    Editing the pose's frames a little bit: Nearly done that move: Started working on the jumps:
  10. Jinx.

    Trench coat/cape sprites?

    Another Iori has a trench coat. Also Duester, a Seth edit, and some Rock Howard edits (Nightmare Rock, etc.). Hope it helps :)
  11. As the title says, MugenChina ripped them back in the day, but now the site is dead, wayback machine can't help at all, there aren't any other rips on google and the only way to find some of them is to download Yasanagi (that MUGEN character) and extract them from the .sff, but not every sprite from the game is there and some of the existent ones look a little odd. If anyone still has them, please put a link here. Thanks :)
  12. Jinx.

    KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    Finished the pose's frames! A sweet pic in MUGEN: EDIT: 2 frames left for the other move:
  13. Jinx.

    KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    4 frames left: More: