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  1. Def file fixed, thank you very much!! n.n
  2. Hi! I've updated Kamen Rider Kuuga!! UPDATES: -New Explosions and some VFX -Blood in the Ultimate Form -Fix in sprites -Fix in animation -Better colors in all the forms -New sprites in all the forms -Better quality of SFX -New SFX -NEW ORGANIZED PALETTES -NEW RIDER KICK! -GROWING FORM WHEN YOU DIE -MORE FLUID ANIMATION You can download it here!
  3. Hi! again... I've updated Kamen Rider Agito fixing errors in sprites, it has new sounds and new FX. Sorry for the Bugs in the previous version of Agito that I uploaded. You know, you can download it here!
  4. Excuse me for that on the Rider Kick. and for the Trinity Form I can't decide if put it or delete it, I think that it can be unnecesary, its basically the Rider Kick with more color and with a bit more of damage, If I delete it, I'm going to remove all the sprites and codes of the Trinity Form that remain.
  5. Hi! I released my version of Kamen Rider Agito! with some sprite fixes, bug fixes, a more real pallette and with finisher moves with the songs [Believe Yourself] and [Deep Breath] You can download it here!
  6. Hi! I released a Kamen Rider Kuuga, with the sprites of 7Bnanabe, but this version is the original Yuusuke Godai! You can download it here! And Maskedo released Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!
  7. I'm going to work in an mega-update to all the Mega Man PB Chars, now i'm working with a Kamen Rider Mugen, when I finish the screenpack and some edits to some characters I'm going to re-create (Yes, I loose it ;c) a Mega Man PB with SUPERCOMBOS like MVC, that's going to be the new style of my new Mega Man MUGEN. I have improved a lot over the years and I hope it is reflected in my mugen from Kamen Rider that will soon come out. This is going to be a loooot different to the sh*t that I create a lot of years ago. PD: It going to be a MUGEN 1.1 <3 Bye! <3
  8. There are a lot of new characters in the Maskedo wiki's, updates to Decade, updates to Kuuga by BNanabe, updates to Ghost and a new Fourze from Jaki!!
  9. Emmm... Gouram is from Kuuga, not from Agito.
  10. The site isn't working fine, that´s the reason.
  11. Best version of Yusuke Onodera Kuuga from Kamen Rider Decade it also have new sprites. Kuuga_o by 7Bnanabe
  12. Hey man wassup!! This is the best char of Kamen Rider 555, by ONess. put it in the COLLECTION!! 0.0!AH3WC0FoGeDsknU&id=A5A6D569C949BFA9!165&cid=A5A6D569C949BFA9
  13. Hi, I have seen that you have posted some of my creations, Thank you so much! Now I am working on a lot of chars, I make an update of Snake Man (now can walk) and Plug Man (better sprites) I'll be glad if you include it in this collection. That's All, Bye
  14. Hi everyone! I'm mura and and I bring you my latest creations Plug Man's Rework! - 2 buttons gameplay - 3 powerful and interesting abilities - Now comes with 4 palettes - Augmented damage - More fluid animation - New sprites made by me (the Calamix sprites were so ugly) Attacks: A = (Electro Shoot). B = (Electro Shock). Down, Forward, A = (Ultra Electro Shoot). Down, Forward, B = (Electro Barrier). "Is launched with "A"." Down, Backward, B = (Light Rain). Download it here! Snake Man! - 2 buttons gameplay - Snakes now are combos - Snakes don't hit enemies infinitely - New ability (Snake Laser) - Now comes with 4 palettes - Reduced damage (So broken :c) - More fluid animation - CAN WALK!! Attacks: A = (Shoot). B = (Snake). Down, Forward, A = (Little Snake). Down, Forward, B = (Giant Snake). Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A = (Snake Laser). Many more chars are being improved Download it here! That's all, Bye.
  15. Hi everyone! I'm Mura an old creator and editor of Mugen Characters, mostly Megaman PB chars I'm from Chile and I am making a lot of chars with the Megaman PB/PF Style. I hope to be well received. That's all, Bye bye!