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  1. So, Nexus Games made another character...
  2. Saw them in a News thread.
  3. In this Pokémon video, I use a Normal-type with Fling to take out an Uber noob.
  4. I made this video ages ago, but only now my internet stopped trolling me and allowed me to upload it.
  5. Oh look, another character that could have been cool in MUGEN, but instead is just another Nexus Games release...
  6. I don't know why my fucking videos' quality have been messed up lately, and at this point, I just don't fucking care. Also, why are Infinite's characters so loud?
  7. Honestly... Elle isn't as interesting as the last chars SeanAltly made, and his characters all still sound weird.
  8. Finally a good Samus in MUGEN, I love OHMSBY's custom chars.
  9. I changed her commands to make her play more like the other MB characters in MUGEN, I don't know what 41 was thinking with that stupid command mapping. And since I was in a MB mood...
  10. Since BlazBlue Tag Something showed everyone that there was a tank in a fighting game with people, I might as well show another one.
  11. She has time magic, but I don't think she came to bargain...
  12. I've touched this Jean Grey before she had an AI, and I knew she was broken, but damn, the update with an AI really showed how ridiculous she is.
  13. 80% of what I found when searching for pics of Jenet for the thumbnail was porn. Anyway, good thing DivineWolf is adding AI to his characters.
  14. Michael Armaros' Athena's link is dead
  15. Well, it took a while, but we finally got a great Phoenix character for MUGEN. God bless Mr. Giang.
  16. I really liked the character, but I can't play him to save my own life...
  17. Originally I wanted to play with Ella, but this asshole was stealing my power, preventing me from getting a cool finisher, so I used someone that doesn't suffer against that mechanic...
  18. A sumo match, one of the fighters is quite bigger and jigglier than the other, though...
  19. I'm pretty sure I never used a SamSho fatality in my videos before... time to correct that.
  20. All character links are dead.
  21. I'm not that good with Gordeau, but he is very fun to play.
  22. Thats how Thanos is defeated in Endgame.
  23. Its been a while since I last played with Tessa, and even longer since I played with THIS Tessa.
  24. What do you know, I actually CAN combo with OHMSBY's characters.
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