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Papyrus and Sans's house

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Yay, stage time! This time, it's not related to Earthbound/Mother/Mother 3 (Although I did release two from Earthbound on the same day I started this stage), instead Undertale. I wanted to wait until FourthRhyme released his Papyrus character for me to release this, but I decided to go ahead and release this now. I present to you, Papyrus and Sans's house:


I decided to go with the interior... because I don't know. But, onto the actual stage. It features super jump and a decent amount of space to fight in. No animations this time, but there is layering, being the couch and table. As for technical(ish) stuff, this stage is only for Mugen 1.0 and was made with smaller resolutions (640x480 as an example) in mind. Will I do a version for bigger resolutions? Maybe. Not too sure yet.

As with all my stages, you'll find this at the stage section of my website.

Enjoy (Or don't, doesn't affect me).

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