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  1. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    Happy new year~! Good news: Your voices for Wario are finally here too.
  2. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    I really would love Giana ((Giana Sisters)) just so the battle between her and Mario can finally commence.
  3. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I had been expirencing one where Wario starts doing "Push ups" for some reason until he gets hit. Then just recently: I did a Shoulder Bash air attack and now his "shield effect" for it is stuck on him.
  4. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I tested this out, Pretty nice so far. I found a glitch though which is where I did multiple corkscrews and then Wario just left the stage and won't come back, Like said above.
  5. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I guess I'm willing to test if you want, Also apoligise for the sounds not comming as expected. TSR is kinda slow going through all the files they have to moderate XP
  6. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    So I talked to someone on the VG resources, He says Wario's clips are now ripped and should be up on the next update for the site. So I'll link them to 'ya once then. :)
  7. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I'd go with the second one, personally. Just because it fits Wario's artstyle and all. For those weird shaking sprites... Why not make it some move where he basically hammers someone repeatedly onto the ground, just fixed up collision and all. (ending with some sort of pose similar to that of a heavy butt-stomp) BTW, For the Bob-Ombs, I was going to suggest these But those also work too. :3 ((If you want these they are in EugeneQ's Peach basically.
  8. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I just realized I accidently copied the same link of ONE of the winposes above up there. Here's the other one I wanted to show. ((The flexing)) I also grabbed some sounds you may found useful, such as his jumping sound from Brawl. (which is similar to that in Shake It!) Also, seeing how he has a move where he shoots fireballs, I took the sounds from Giana Sisters DS. After all, a lot of Wario Land's sounds tend to be weirder versions of 8-bit typical Mario SFX it seems. Just thought it would fit. If I can I will also see if someone can get more clean sounds from Shake It, They should blend well with his Brawl Clips seeing how both game's quality sounds about the same. ((And they were both made at the same time in 2008 it seems, His SSBB victory theme is even Stonecarving City.))
  9. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I think the SGS is fine as long as the animations/sprites look a bit more "Wario" if you know what I mean... Personally I'd call it "Wario Wrecker" or something. Think about it... "Piledriver"... *wink wink* ;P
  10. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I do know there is some Bob-Omb sprites in that one hand-drawn peach character. The art style kind of reminds me of Shake It!'s so I guess that could work. Besides that, I would give a go for at least an intro for Wario Man. Bear with me, Editing these sprites MAY not be easy. XP ((I have something similar to Homer's Intro in my mind.)) Winqoutes is something I can try and help with... May even as a few guys I know to help. Just be sure to look at the DS game Master of Diguise and you should be able to get a good Wario personality in your mind.
  11. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead I took a few animations from the sheet that I thought would make some neat lil' winposes... Especially the flexing one which reminds me of WL4. Just thought these may come in handy. :P
  12. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    I'm really digging this so far, I really could use a Wario Land themed Wario in my roster ((Especially considering how little representation the games have in the SSB series)) As for ripping the sprites, You should be covered for the most part. I can see if I can find some of his actual voice clips too, I think the "Rock n' Roll!" clip would be perfect for his intro and all.
  13. Hey~! Thanks for the feedback, Really nice to see some people are getting a kick outta this and all. Yeah, Martin T. Sherman's voice for Pac-Man always stuck with me personally, I really hope if they bring the classic Pac back he could reprise for World 4 or something but, yeah eheh. :) I actually recently updated this again, with even more new sounds since I actually managed to find out how to open the original game's main files Some notable ones being for after preforming a butt bounce and after the Valkarie hyper.