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[Super Famicom] Tetsuwan Atom

Toshio Tenma

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Tetsuwan Atom is a old game created by Zamuse and Banpresto and is based in the 1960 series. However, the artwork is from the 1980 version, in special the designs of Uran, Skunk Kusai, Young Atlas and Pluto who is the cheap final boss. Stages and Bosses: a) Stage 1 boss: Spinx. b) Stage 2 boss: Denko. c) Stage 3 boss: Mad Computer. d) Stage 4 boss: Ray Monster. e) Stage 5 (no boss): Escape from Space Station. f) Stage 6 (no boss): Blue bird Catching. g) Stage 7 boss: Young Atlas. h) Stage 8 boss: Pluto. Here is a long play of the game:

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