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How to code fly?


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On 10/8/2012 at 5:07 PM, llyyr said:

You can use any Anim you want just don't mess with the VelSet and PosAdd or it might be weird looking.

Hi everybody.After 10 years of this started fly conversation here I still have a question and thank you llyyr this was very helpful.Anybody can help me?

When I just success to add a fly into my Goku but my question is.

How to fix the SSJ1,2,3,God,Blue,UI character transformations to show the recent transformation animation insted of the basic one?

Means when I transform into SSJ Yellow hear and other outfit than when I use the new added fly the animation and air hits its changing back to basic

form look,black hair and basic outfit.Anybody have any idea to help?Thanks.

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