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Here are some characters, NOTE: i just repainted them, all credits go to character makers:

Goku SSJ6(my version)-credits to Roken(goku ssj4)

Super Yamcha-credits to Chrono_Strife(yamcha):

Goku and Super Yamcha video: here

Vegeta SSJ6-credits to Ðragoß & FinalBlast(Vegeta SSJ4)

Vegeta SSJ6 video: here

Trunks SSJ5-credits to Trunksin4(Trunks SSJ4)-NOTE: trunks in the video has same hp, defence and power as Trunks SSJ4,Trunks in download link is stronger and has normal hair

Trunks SSJ5 video:

Download links:

All characters together: http://www.mediafire...6vuz97xfvps75n9

Goku SSJ6: http://www.mediafire...8l54atodlbho0ka

Super Yamcha: http://www.mediafire...teiu31df5w3x2ps

Vegeta SSJ6: http://www.mediafire...g4zj33laa9ap77f

Trunks SSJ5: http://www.mediafire...mx3c95srds9519y

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