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Aiko Senoo beta

Toshio Tenma

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This is Aiko from Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams.

Release log, 05/23/12:

a) Updated intro.

b) Updated DASH Kougeki Chou.

c) Updated Doremi Robo.

d) Updated Henshin Mahou.

e) Added two new palettes.

f) Updated close strong attack.

g) Updated stand.

h) Updated win pose.

Posted Image




She is pretty much a grappler if compared with the other characters of the game. Being a beta, she still need fixes like the hitdefs, velocities, etc.

If possible point everything which I can fix, ok? Also, I'm still having issues with the combo logic, some combos doesn't work as they should since she may usually fail to link a normal attack with a special attack or super.

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