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Balfrog 1.0 [Cave Story]


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Mugen 1.0 : http://www.mediafire.com/?sa3jhk32cn15nn2

Winmugen: Download 1.0 version and then apply this patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?jpsz3993w23628b



It's Balrog from Cave Story turned into a giant frog... You know what, why am I even explaining this? Everybody and their mother played Cave Story, and if you didn't, well then what is wrong with you?

Warning: this is a boss character. It is not meant to be played by human. I tried to make him as close as possible to Balfrog from Cave Story, but since in that game you use guns to kill stuff it is kinda hard to defeat him here. I made some adjustment so it is possible, but it's still kinda hard. If you played Cave Story you should know that he has only one weak spot and it is the same here so - good luck.

Also: If you don't want Balfrog theme to play during the fight or you experience some kind of problems with it check out config.txt

Enjoy, and please post any bugs or suggestions here.

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Did some adjustments and AI fixes. Not that anybody cares :cry: Please somebody help a guy out. I'm not asking you to keep him in your Mugen, just to test it and tell me how much of a piece of crap this char is and how can I make him less of a piece of crap :bow:

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