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NY'( K9999 edit) By Mouser


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I added in animations for his light kick and light crouching that were missing all together

Posted ImagePosted Image

I also changed His D,D, K move to a command move F+A so he has an overhead attack( It's His Heavy kick from KOF Series)

Can anyone help the freezing error when performing DFDF+P(X+Y SDM) IN air.

And He's got this cool feature.By performing DBDB,x+y He goes into this K9999 mode

where you can use his gun DF,p ,gun super DF,DF,p ,and the move DP,C+Z =awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The move in this mode D,D,X or Y (X+Y SDM) "go_to_moon" gets stuck in a loop untill he gets hit out of it.

I checked his animations and it apears that moves is suppose to go into a round of gun shots then

a gattling gun comes out of his back and shoots some more rounds.

it looks sweet.

I'd loved to see it in action if someone can figure out the code.

Hey Maybe somebody my want those sprites for another release with mousers permission of course.


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