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Psycho Shredder [S] 3.0 (also Kamek)


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NOTE: The version in the TMNT collection is an older version of this char. This final version is still available on esnips, but I know how many people don't like that site, so I'm uploading it on mediafire here.


Posted Image

Posted Image


Shredder: http://www.mediafire...wtvcyn4ue0x2jfc

Anti-PS Kamek by Kamek: http://www.mediafire...xjx3p11z5c1wwz4


Made by DarkMasterS. This char has quite a history behind him. The 1.0 version of Psycho Shredder was criticized for being very slow, clunky and weak. Authors took it personal and decided to make this char the most powerful mugen char ever created. There was a contest in which mugen coders were asked to make a char that is able to beat Psycho Shredder. Whenever it happened, PS was updated to counter whatever methods were used to defeat him. Some of the contestant were: Kamek by Kamek or Broli by The Necromancer. With an advent of Mugen 1.0 he became a little weaker, but he still stands out as the most powerful mugen creation ever made, beatable only by invincible chars (F1) and the ones that have an anti-PS AI (Kamek).

And another thing: Kamek in the Nintendo collection doesn't have anti-PS AI so I'm uploading this newer version of him here. Enjoy.

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