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Street Fighter X Pretty Cure

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I am working on a MUGEN SCREENPACK on my own titled "Street Fighter X Pretty Cure", a M.U.G.E.N screenpack featuring 27 Playable characters in the Street Fighter franchise and the Pretty Cure characters that were debuted in PreCure All Stars F movie.


Although this screenpack is yet in development, i would like someone to help me out making the other character sprites for the Pretty Cure characters. Speaking of the SF sprites, i'll be using the created characters in MUGEN instead. But don't worry, the authors will be credited in the final game


You can try out the W.I.P Demo here:

link - https://www.mediafire.com/file/cm7i35tqngc45v8/SFxPC+Demo.zip/file


Notes for the W.I.P Demo:


- Opening Movie doesn't have sounds due to out of sync


- This Demo contains only one stage because im still working on some stages


- Cure Flora is not playable at the moment, but she had a broken A.I. This is due to the MUGEN character i downloaded


Controls (this is assigned to Keyboard. But if you have a controller, you can assign the keys in OPTIONS):


Kick controls - A, B & C

Punch Controls - X, Y & Z



Here are the list of the characters i need (feel free to share the created character):


- Cure Felice 

- Cure Macaroon 

- Cure Milky 

- Cure Grace 

- Cure Summer 

- Cure Precious 

- Cure Sky 

- Cure Prism

- Cure Supreme (All forms (for those who watched PreCure All Stars F movie))


The ones included in the W.I.P Demo:


- Ryu

- Ken

- Akuma 

- Cure Black 

- Cure White

- Cure Flora


Full rosters concept: https://www.deviantart.com/gtaprecurefan/art/Street-Fighter-X-Pretty-Cure-M-U-G-E-N-full-roster-1035934871

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