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Two Stages Released (Alien Hominid & Ridge Racer) Updated 01/31/24


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Hello everyone! Scepter and I are back at it and bringing you our first stages of the year!


First, we have one based on Alien Hominid, inspired by the backgrounds in the King of Fighters games.

Next is one based on Ridge Racer, in the style of Waku Waku 7. This one comes in six variants: Day, Sunset, Night, and all 3 versions with a CRT effect. Big shout-out to Delta Brony for commissioning this one!



Also, for anyone using 1.0, the CRT effect is going to look different due to limitations of that version of Mugen





As always, we hope you enjoy!

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Oh yeah, the King being there is intentional on Scepter's part. He often includes little cameos like that in these stages.


Also, one quick update, I added some preview videos to the original post.

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