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"Train Yard - Manhattan - U.S.A." Joe Stage Version 1.00 For IKEMEN-GO System


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"Train Yard - Manhattan - U.S.A." Joe Stage
Version 1.00
For IKEMEN-GO System





Stage created by "Abuhachi"
Originally edited by "Kasasagi"
Edited for IKEMEN-GO by "Tiger-Boy"
Interactive Effects created by "Lasombra Demon"


An original stage created to be an update to Joe's stage from Street Fighter 1.
-Barrels will break when chars are thrown at them.
-When any char reaches low health, the music will change to the 'Hurry-Up!' version.
These effects were added to make the stage similar to those of the Street Fighter II Game!!


This stage was edited for use with 1600x900 resolution.
If your system has a different resolution, some adjustments might be necessary.


This stage was originally released with the following:
-Zoom Effects
-Stage 'shaking' (When train passes on the background)


-Edited background
-Added High Jump
-Added 'Break' Effect of barrels
-Added 'fade-range' to the Shadow effect
-Added Loop Music
-Added 'Hurry up!' Music with Loop
-Added Stage portrait


1-Add the 'SF1-Joe-Stage' folder to your 'stages' folder.
2-For the Stage with 'shaking', add the following to the 'select' file: stages/SF1-Joe-Stage/SF1-Joe.def
 -For the Stage with 'shaking' and 'Hurry-Up' music, add the following to the 'select' file: stages/SF1-Joe-Stage/SF1-Joe-HU.def
 -For the Stage with No 'shaking' but with 'Hurry-Up' music, add the following to the 'select' file: stages/SF1-Joe-Stage/SF1-Joe-No_Shake-HU.def
 -For the Stage with No 'shaking' and No 'Hurry-Up' music, add the following to the 'select' file: stages/SF1-Joe-Stage/SF1-Joe-No_Shake.def
3-Save file and play


This is a 'Self-Sustained' stage. There is no need to move anything from the folder.

Constructive Feedback is always Welcome.

If you have any advise or ideas to make this stage better,
or if there are any issues, please let me know. 


Download Here:



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