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My IMT (RED) Mugen Roster 1.0 (DOWNLOADABLE)


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Ah yes it's been quite a while hasn't it. well erm enough of that...


INTRODUCING, MY IMT (RED) MUGEN ROSTER OF 2023. I was been suppose to upload this last year but issues and life n stuff. 🙂 


Not really much to say but I hope you enjoy. I might do IMT (Green) but what do you guys think? this time, it's in parts and it's not in mega.nz hooray! once, I get my money up I'll try to use mediafire/google drive more often and full-time especially when it comes to much bigger mugens. let's hope n pray 🙏 anywho here are the stats:

  • Characters: 1,271
  • Stages: 31 
  • Music: 3 (obvi)
  • DL Links: The mugen (aka fonts, data, stages, etc..), the chars (pt 1, pt 2 & pt 3)
  • Preview:


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