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Mugen Archive reuploads (and other requests)



Hello people, if someone could reupload these stuff from Mugen Archive I would really appreciate it.


Ronaldinho by Cavaleiro de Gothan (COMPLETE)

Santos (Def Jam) by ???

Beatrix Kiddo by Borewood (his Onedrive is not working)

Riggs by NGI

Yugo the Wolf by Chuchoryu

Robo-Ert by Ebil Homer

Rudy McTortillas by jade_midori


Tekken 4 Airport by ???

The Pit (Smash Mod) by ???

Hokkaido (Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter) by Jansen

MK11 Arcade Room by ???


Also, I remember someone released a CVS styled Suikoden char (I think it was Flik?) but the post in MFG only linked to Mega's homepage, not the link.

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