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question about mugen preconfigured games



hi guys, i am new to this forum and to mugen although i played a mugen game before(read to find out about it). it turns out there are many tools that help build games using mugen that can cause getting lost which is awesome so thank you for everyone who contributed. probably i misunderstand stuff about mugen so pardon me if the answer needed more understanding. my questions are i want a mugen game that simply works and does not need configurations which contains silent storm ex (i am lazy and busy to configure one for me), i can show which one exactly from youtube if needed(there is street fighter ex2 based on mugen which contains silent storm ex it is the first mugen game i played but can't find anywhere, i will be happy to get it again it is really awesome). i mean either a game that any of you knows, it is fun and contains silent storm already or i send the youtube link that any of you can tell me what game it is. thank you, i will wait for your answer and appreciate it.

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