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Hello guys from the forum, today I will reveal my motivation for entering this website: To promote my definitive compilation for a MUGEN with classic CAPCOM characters in retro style.


I've been working on this game since 2017, with a big hiatus, and last year I released the second update.

You can access a V2 trailer here, unfortunately the download link has been lost ;-;



Thinking maybe that wasn't enough, I decided to go back to work on this build creating its definitive update, V3!

Some characters were added and others replaced, new stages were added too (and some are being edited to add new cameos and more life in the backgrounds).






We now have a sub-boss: Ingrid, and the arcade system has been rebalanced to create a less exhausting experience (One of the main criticisms of the first version that really hurt my feelings)




My current idea is to fix certain graphical bugs in the lifebar and screepack and, perhaps, create private endings for each character at the end of the campaign, an intro would also be nice.


I will keep you posted and I hope you like it, this compilation is a very special project for me.


#mugen1.0 #capcom #vsstyle

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