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Murderworld Stage and links for 2 stages I want to download



I would like for someone to please send me a download link for Richie Makyura's stage of Seijyun Girls' High School Courtyard & Wolviesam and Crusadercast's Justice Society of America stage. (A certain site will not let me download them due to them being over 1 MB and me not having an account, which I do, but can't access anything with it anymore, even though when I log into my account on said site, I'm IP banned and forever stuck in approval waiting limbo and can't even download jack shit on there, let alone things over 1 MB (unless I donate to them, which I can't because I'm broke on PayPal), because the mods on there, especially Dizzy, are paranoid, money-hungry, toxic, community-hating trollfuckers who don't like it when the people who use that site download from other mugen sites that is not their site and think it's funny to not let their patrons download anything during their weekend community events and ban them for no reason and not participating in said event like the toxic, trolling, sacks of shit that they are.)


Also can someone make a Murderworld (A place in Marvel Comics) stage for Crosspotts & Volzilla's Mugen character, Arcade (Who is from Marvel Comics).

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