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Madness in the Mountains Edit - Original by Dj Luke


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640,480 Localcoord (Originally used X, and Y scaling.)

This will not work with WinMUGEN, but it will if you remove localcoord and other stuff, and turn on HiRes = 1
but then the stage basically scrolls very slowly.

You can find the original Stage here:

Madness in Mountains, I liked the overall style, but the visuals weren't there.
I ended up swapping out the original floor, and replacing it with the one used in "Mystery of L" which was also made by Dj Luke. and cleaned up the unused junk that remained from his previous works.

-Removed most of the Anims in the Def file, unused with no sprites attached
-Changed localcoord to 640,480, It originally used X, and Y scaling, which was inefficient.
-Replaced the original floor, with a better one from his "Mystery of L" stage.
-Added music, ParagonX9's Chaoz Fantasy, it uses bgmloopstart to never end.
-Cropped all the sprites, this reduced the filesize of the sff.
-Zoom in was changed to 1, meaning it now will zoom out, rather than .5 being the permanent camera distance.





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