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lotsaspaghettiman voice patches for Kirby, Sonic, and Super Mario

Sergio P

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l felt like making a little topic here so this is a perfect opportunity l guess



for the following characters:

Kirby by OHMSBY

Sonic by ABAB

Super Mario by ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH


What are these you may ask? Voice patches or soundpacks or whatever you call it.

What are these based on? The title of this topic says it, all 3 are based on the YouTube channel "lotsaspaghettiman"


That channel contained 3 "Voice Acting" videos that basically lf both Kirby, Sonic, and Mario had alternative voices, and they're hilarious. (l couldn't describe it better but l hope you get it)


For Kirby, it got made because of a viral Twitter post that showed the entire "Kirby Voice Acting" video and since that post inspired tons of people to put the funny noises on random games like Smash Ultimate, l had no choice but to make it into reality in MUGEN. l actually released this one months ago and added it on the Kirby collection l made but why not talking about it for a little?


For Sonic and Mario, l randomly made them because l felt like someone would ask "Has anyone put the Mario and Sonic voice acting videos in MUGEN or something?". Of course, it's just my imagination but lf someone truly asked that, l would show them this and they'll definitely be happy. Same for Kirby, l made these months ago (September lf you're wondering) but never released so today's the day. The Mario one got a little update today because l noticed l put a duplicate sound without noticing and a sound volume fix because originally all of them were quiet for some reason and l couldn't know how to fix them until l found a program that can increase or decrease a wav or mp3 (and more)'s volumes, really good program but it was limited (30 for each day).


Also, normally l was thinking of releasing the Mario and Sonic ones on Christmas but that would require more time which l literally can't wait so l'm doing it today.

l got nothing else to say, l'm honestly proud of those 3 and they're definitely my fav voice patches l ever made (l made some others too, l'm only getting used at making those than character edits lol)


Go ahead and download them, or not, it's your choice.

Kirby: https://www.mediafire.com/file/obcogczs98c4gik/lotsaspaghettiman_Kirby_voice_patch.rar/file

Sonic: https://www.mediafire.com/file/eg3cx9va29nvx39/lotsaspaghettiman_Sonic_voice_patch.rar/file

Super Mario: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hakwxubjfywgtub/lotsaspaghettiman_Super_Mario_voice_patch.rar/file



lf someone here is going to ask "Wow these voice patches are kinda loud bruh"

That's the point!

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A quick little note: To those who downloaded the Mario voice patch, I recommend to change his displayname from the def file from "Spaghetti Mario" to "Spaghetti Super Mario" since it sounds way better (that's what I think lol)


I was gonna bring a small update about this but it feels pointless sooooooooo

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The spaghetti voice patch for Super Mario got updated recently


- Renamed him into Spaghetti Super Mario (since it sounds better)

- Time out animation stays longer so that 1,1 sound plays properly

- 1,8 sound no longer plays on the Super Star super

- Added a new sound for Win pose 2 - Peace Out


Link has been updated too obviously

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